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Dark Web Gaming and How Not to Gamble on Deepweb


Probably a lot of you have been thinking that “There must be an easier way, It must be”. And if you are playing online casino games, sometimes protective features make you feel that you are not truly free. So, probably you also thought that Dark Web gaming is the solution. Nope, it’s not. Can you gamble on Dark Web? Yeah, sure, you can do anything that can be related to any aberration (no offense). Should you play on Dark Web? Never, ever! Let’s inspect what truly means to gamble on Deepweb or Darkweb. 

In the latest gambling news, we mention quite often the dark side of the continuous regulations on the industry. Their biggest drawback that they shepherd the serious problem gamblers who already lost control to Dark Web gaming. Or just they will find options to gamble on Deepweb. And what if addicts start to gamble on Deepweb? An issue… not even a small one.

But first of all, what is Dark Web and Deep Web exactly, and what’s the difference between them?

Dark Web Gaming

You can imagine the whole web as an iceberg – Image source: Sobaka / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The dark web is a part of the Web, and also can be accessed with Internet Connection. However, while our regular virtual world is going trough public servers, the dark web using a peer-to-peer connection between the users. That means, that you are directly connected with each other and your computer is part of the data flow (like torrents). Of course, to access the Dark web, you will need special software, that connects you to the darknet. You can imagine that as some kind of a browser. However, in many regions, downloading such a thing is already illegal. One way or another, the dark web is mostly for illicit purposes.

Meanwhile, the deepweb sounds way less harmful, in fact, it is the true danger. Deepweb is the part of the web which is not indexed by any search engines. In short, you can’t find these sites only if you have the direct link. So, to start Dark Web Gaming you must take steps. You can’t start gambling accidentally. But to start to gamble on Deepweb, a few misclicks are enough. You can find many gambling sites on deepweb. Some of them look exactly the same as the trustworthy sites like the King Billy Casino, while others are so unique and promising that it’s unbelievable. There is only one thing in common. Most of them are a fraud.

Another interesting fact, that World Wide Web is only 4% of the total web. 90% is the deepweb. Of course, the deepweb contains all the different dry reports and other unpublic data on the web. The 6% left is the Dark Web.

Bitcoin is the only way to gamble on Deepweb or Dark Web

Of course, if you don’t want to get caught with illegal activity, you can’t use traditional banking to manage your spendings or earnings. Thus, on the Dark Web, you can only pay with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Also, we must mention, that cryptos are straightly linked to the darker side of the web. By the way, to conclude, even if it’s possible, don’t give your card details on Dark Web, only pay with bitcoin. If you lost your sanity and want to do Dark Web gaming, at least don’t get caught.

On the other side of the shield, Bitcoin and the other cryptos are an excellent form of investment. If you choose a trustworthy gambling site which supports Cryptocurrencies, like the King Billy Casino, your money is at a safe place. Withdrawal is strictly secured, so a foreigner individual or bot has a really difficult time if it wants to get your money. And if they hack the site, and steal what they can, your account balance won’t decrease. While any of your wallets, or basically any forms how you can hold your cryptocurrencies are hackable. Even more, it’s likely to be hacked. But it’s a different topic, let’s get back to the point.

gamble on deepweb

Be careful, Bitcoins can easily disappear

The reasons why Dark Web gaming is getting more popular

The answer is way more complex than it sounds. Undoubtedly, the most typical reason is that as people’s computer using skills are evolving, virtual criminalism will be also increased. Still, there are many other reasons behind the growing group who chose Dark Web gaming, or get fooled by the scam ads and starts to gamble on deepweb. We often mention that the gambling industry has been strictly regulated in many countries around the world. Even land-based, when Prague banned slot machines, or online as Italy investigated all the gambling-related ads on Google, or as Germany banned gambling affiliates, etc., etc…

Sure, it’s for a good purpose. The holy mission to protect the weak from gambling harm is above anything. Still, it’s not a solution. While the protection of the next generation like the Spanish ban on gambling sponsorship is truly a good idea. However, the simple bans on online gambling sites like the new Andhra Pradesh gambling laws are forcing people to choose the alternative, sometimes illicit options. We all know, people love to gamble and they will…

So, in these cases, there is a simple and obvious chain reaction. As the government, so the operators set up time limits, deposit limits, and other protective features, they can’t compete with the glowing, and promising offshores. Then, users, who don’t agree or just don’t want to live with the restrictions, simply find a solution. If he was a problem gambler, he is in trouble. From the point when a naif punter starts to gamble on deepweb, no one will offer him a helping hand. Even more, regular players are also likely to be the victims of gambling harms during Dark Web gaming. By every means…

Dark Web Gaming

Try to stay on the World Wide Web in every occasions

Why and how not gamble on Deepweb?

Let’s say, you saw an advert while you browsing about a new online casino with a promising bonus. You click on it and a good-looking but cheaply designed site appears with a weird URL. You Google search its name, but you only find the usual online casino reviews about other sites and a few positive and negative forum comments. Please, just close the window. In short, if something looks too good to be true it isn’t.

There are a lot of scammers who are making a living by creating fraud sites which not just simply swallow all the money you deposit but also steals as much data as possible. So, to sum, even if you want to go around the restrictions or limitations or anything, just forgot to gamble on deepweb. If you see a suspicious link, never click on it. And even if you get fooled by a copy or anything, try to save as much as you can. Change your passwords. On way to another, to avoid such occasions you must SLAM. Stop, look, assess, manage. Never do impulsive decisions, either in the casinos or at the gambling sites.

There is a bright side of the Dark Web Gaming

Probably, the only sensible reasons to start Dark Web Gaming if you have a spare few million dollars and you want to wager $10.000 on each spin on the online slot machines, or you want to bet on red your whole life savings. So super-high high-rollers can be satisfied, however, if you have that much money hop in an aircraft, fly to Vegas and make an agreement with one of the casinos.

Still, even if Dark Web gaming isn’t a too promising option, there is an important good feature among the aberrations. Total free public. There was many cases when countries who struck in a dictatorship could only reach the public through the Dark Web. So, sometimes if something is outlaw, it doesn’t necessarily makes it evil. Like Robin Hood. Anyways, it’s not my privilege to make a decision in this question.

Dark Web Gaming

What a good looking cyber-thief!

Anonymus gambling and gaming with a VPN is still safer

First of all, it’s not recommended to use any tricky tools to gamble from restricted countries. Even if the CIA won’t kick the door on you, there is a high chance that you will fail to withdraw your winnings. Even worse, your account can be locked as well, losing all your previous deposits.

However, there are many ways and even more attempts for grey area gaming. For example, the sites which offer anonymous mode with crypto payment options can be used for this purpose. Most of the Dark Web gaming options are using this formula. During anonymous gambling, you don’t have to provide any identification. By the way, this function’s viability is controversial. According to the forum users of the world, many punters faced issues when the tried to withdraw bigger winnings.

The other, even more popular, or let’s say notorious way to gamble from restricted countries is VPN usage.  VPN is an acronym for virtual private networks. Basically, when a private server transfers data between you and a public server, you can access content that otherwise would be unavailable in your region. However, to bet true, if an online operator notices a VPN IP-address they mostly ban it, or just ignore its deposit attempts, or even worse, withdraw requests. But this is only the tip of the iceberg since after the many scandals around the VPN security issues. Countless users’ data have been stolen and abused. So, I totally not recommend experimenting with VPN gambling. Since your IP address can easily be banned even on the sides which are accessible from where you live.

gamble on deepweb

Only use VPN if it’s truly neccesary, otherwise, it just a pain in the ass


In short, Dark Web gaming is totally dangerous and pointless. If you gamble on deepweb you will be a victim, nothing more. Your best option if gambling is restricted in your region if you avoid any form of online wagering. Play the lottery, or check out the horse races near you. If not, stick to trustworthy sites like King Billy and the others. There are only a few but believe me, in the long-term irresponsible gambling, won’t get you further. Only to a darker or a deeper place…

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