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2021 Horse Racing Betting Guide for Dummies – 7+1 Essential Tips


At this moment, there is more and more volume on horse racing among bettors. As many sports events have been canceled, most of the big courses could organize their happenings since their total revenue is mostly from wagering. In response to the increasing interest in this fascinating market, we created our 2021 horse racing betting guide to help everyone who wants to join the most traditional ventures of the betting industry.

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In addition, these tips can be useful for horse racing veterans also. Even if the wagering system follows the traditions, and you can predict the winning horses based on the same patterns, the emerge of the new breeders changed the power relations all around the globe excluded a few countries like Japan, Korea, or Dubai, where is nearly impossible to have the necessary license as a foreigner.

1. To become a good bettor you must master analytic thinking

This is an essential truth for any kind of gambling. Analytic thinking is the key to finish your session with some extra instead of slowly losing your bankroll. In the racing world, this is even more important since you won’t simply analyze the odds but further statistics as well.

2. Stay tuned with the latest races and the news from the industry

And where you get all these statistics? If you follow the latest online gambling news you can read about the biggest races and the most important predictions. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg if you want to learn the basics of the 2021 horse racing betting trends. There are big horse racing directories where you find all the necessary data. However, once you choose the races you want to bet on you should read as much local news as many as possible.

2021 Horse Racing Betting Guide for Dummies – 7+1 Essential Tips

Are you ready?

3. Choose your markets wisely since in 2021, in the age of online betting, the world of horse racing is way bigger than before

You probably realized from the previous paragraph that it’s nearly impossible to be aware of the neccesary information of the whole horse racing world. Thus, you should find the markets closest to your heart. We listed the regions with the biggest events. Pick any, you will find your wagers at 22BET.

Biggest Horse Racing Markets:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia
  • France
  • Japan
  • Dubay
  • Argentina
  • Turkey
  • China (Hong Kong)

4. Bankroll management is essential

Just like in any other form of gambling, bankroll management is probably the most important aspect of becoming a successful bettor. The golden rule is to never exceed 5% of your total bankroll with a single bet. Even if it’s a sure bet, if you spend more, overall you will run out of your balance faster than the lightning. Why? This is the psychology that online gambling sites use, or even traditional bookies use. Even if you put half of your bankroll on a single bet and succeed, there will be times when you won’t. In short, in the long-term, the only sustainable method is responsible bankroll management.

2021 Horse racing betting guide

Bankroll management is essential

5. To highly increase your income the best you can do if you try parlay wagering

Parlay, or also called accumulator, or combined bets are the best way to significantly increase your overall winnings. Basically, if you make a parlay wager, you predict the outcome of more races with a single stake. For example, a few years ago Quadrilateral was the most promising horse in its region. Thus, there were more parlay bets regarding her victory. While the multipliers on that Quadrilateral will finish in the first place were a considerably low 5.00, her odds at the 22BET Sportsbook to win three different races were 27.00 despite this fille had the shortest odds on every occasion. Eventually, Quadrilateral achieved victory and earned a neat sum for the braver venturers.

6. There is always a winner, and there is only one winner but the special betting options can offer you a couple of sure bets

Remember, horse racing is slightly different than any other betting market. While the odds on a battle between two competitors like in boxing on any team sports are quite reasonable, predictions on horse racing work completely differently. Most of the runs start with the odds above 5.00 and they are very rarely above 3.00. Thus, horse racing means way higher risk-taking, of course, with way richer rewards. But this isn’t the end of the story. If you are looking for tall-odd wagers you basically betting on the mistakes of the horses with the best statistics. Just to clarify, while during a football match, a mistake gives an advantage to the opponents, in horse racing a single little mistake can end up in a total failure. Even F1 betting is more predictable since we always know everything about the engines in the different cars by the different brands. But in horse racing, even the shyest animal can react unexpectedly.

2021 Horse Racing Betting Guide for Dummies - GH

Horse races are full of twists and spins

7. Take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day

You probably realized from our 2021 horse racing betting guide that you must learn way more to become successful than expected. Thus, don’t worry if you won’t earn the expected outcome after your first stakes. Listen and learn and don’t afraid to ask for help from more experienced venturers or at the online forums. And once you reached don’t lose your head, responsible gambling is the only way to become successful in the long term.

+1 Choose a reliable online sportsbook with your selected markets

Many sites offer super-high odds and crazy promotions. However, there are many scam sites online so always stick to trusthworthy gambling sites like the 22BET Sportsbook. They not just have constant bonus offers and betting tournaments but have all the desired markets and the related

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