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    All the Facts you need to know about Gambling in the UK

    In this article, we will be taking a look at all the necessary numbers you may wish to come across when considering gambling in the UK. As a nation, there has been much to look at. From the adverts, to sponsorships to addiction. Let’s check it out.  To start off with, gambling is hugely addictive […]

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    First NHS Gambling Clinic Outside London Opens Today

    The reports from the UK have announced the opening this week of the first National Health Service (NHS) gambling clinic outside London. The operating site is placed in Leeds, with the NHS partnering up with gambling charity organization GamCare, in a stride to raise awareness about responsible gambling and also treat those suffering compulsive gambling […]

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    The FSA Propose Safer Gambling in Football

    According to the latest reports, the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) will prepare better conditions to meet the desires of fans with calls for a change of regulation, taking a step back in the highly-promotive gambling presence in the sport. Let’s take a look.  To fill you in on the parts which you may have missed […]

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    Is the NHS Service Availability a Concern?

    Just this week, the mother of Kimberley Wadsworth, a woman who killed herself after gambling away £36,000 in 2 weeks, has spoken out about her hopes of a new NHS Service which will be able to stop other in similar circumstances from facing the same pain. Let’s take a look.  In the UK, there has […]

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    Swedish Females have a Higher Number of Gambling Addicts then Males

    For the first time, Swedish females have outnumbered men when we take a look at the number of gambling addicts. However, on the plus side, the number of gamblers is falling in Sweden, meaning there will be less addicts then in previous years. Let’s take a look. If you check out the latest online gambling […]

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    Finland has gambling problems

    Finland is facing a serious gambling addiction problem. A recent survey conducted by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and health shows that over the past two years, gambling addiction and problem gambling is on the rise. Let’s read on. If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can find more news about international gambling […]