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    Nevada Gambling Laws and Regulations

    Nevada gambling laws and regulations are essential parts of the US gambling laws since the state is the mecca of gambling in the United States. Gross gambling revenue of Nevada is more than $11 million, which is almost three times more than the gross gambling revenue of the second most popular gambling state, Pennsylvania. Nevada […]

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    Australia Gambling Laws

    Over the past two centuries the former British colony of Australia has developed arguably the world’s deepest gambling culture. The Aussies have been called a “nation of gamblers” and people who will bet on “two flies on the wall.” Year after year Australia is among the world leaders in amount of money wagered (and lost) […]

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    Irish Gambling Laws

    The people of the emerald isle are known for being fond of a variety of gambling and betting activities. Most forms of gambling are legal and the Irish spend billions of Euros annually playing card games, electronic gaming machines and betting on sporting events. Betting on horse races has historically been the most popular gambling […]

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    Monaco Gambling Laws and Online Casinos

    Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. This sovereign city state, or microstate, is ruled by House Grimaldi, and is a glamorous bubble tucked in the south of France famed for its exquisite casinos. In addition to its casinos, luxury hotels and sandy beaches, Monaco is also […]

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    Antigua and Barbuda Gambling Laws

    The island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Part of a group of islands known as the “Lesser Antilles”, Antigua and Barbuda are made up of the two main islands carrying the name respectively, and few smaller islands belonging to the country. Once a part of […]

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    Isle of Man Gambling Laws

    The Isle of Man is a curious place. Located between the Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea, this island is not a stand-alone country, but it’s a self-governing community that is classed as a British Crown Dependency. Because of the Isle of Man’s unusual legal position, in which it falls outside the British jurisdiction, […]

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    Malta Gambling Laws

    Malta is a collection of islands in the southern Mediterranean nestled between Sicily and North Africa. The archipelago was once part of the British Empire but is now an independent EU member state today. With an ancient civilization that can be traced back thousands of years and colonial influences from Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Italians, the […]

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    Gibraltar Gambling Laws

    Being a British Crown Dependency, Gibraltar is an interesting case in the gambling world. Even though the United Kingdom is responsible for the “Rock’s” foreign affairs, it still functions as an independent governing body with its own laws and regulations, not to mention its very low taxation rate, which makes it attractive to operators. Gibraltar […]

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    Curaçao Gambling Laws

    Curaçao is a curious island, and gambling jurisdiction, located in the South Caribbean Sea just off the Venezuelan coast. Once a part of the Netherlands Antilles, in 2010 Curaçao became independent, and classified as a sovereign state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island has been affiliated with the Netherlands since the 15th Century […]

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    The United States Gambling Laws

    The United States of America has a long history of gambling activities. The establishment of the gambling culture in the USA dates back to the pre-Columbian era. After the arrival of the Europeans to the new-found land, the notion of gambling has evolved gaining different meanings. In the current era, the USA constitutes a home […]