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    Illegal Arizona Casino called Toms Amusement Raided by Police

    The latest reports from the United State have seen the police have cracked down on an illegal casino operated Phoenix, Arizona. The gambling house went by the name of Toms Amusement. Let’s take a look.  The latest online gambling news is our dedicated page for bringing you the best bits of what goes on in […]

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    Illegal Gambling Ring Arrested by Malaysian Police

    According to the latest reports, the Malaysian police have arrested 17 Chinese nationals in Cheras, a district of Kuala Lumpur. The issued statement claims that these Chinese nationals were accused of running an illegal international gambling operation. Let’s take a look.  Vietnam, Philippines and now Malaysia as well. If you take a look at the […]

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    Illegal Vietnamese Betting Ring Caught by Authorities

    According to the latest reports emerging from Asia, authorities have cracked down on another illegal Vietnamese betting ring. The Police in Ha Tinh province have halted operations whilst arresting 45 suspects in the process. The illegal online football betting operation was said to have a total of $130.4m transactions behind it. Let’s take a look.  […]

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    Taiwan Looking to make Gambling Illegal and Punishable

    The latest reports from Asia claim that the Taiwan government are making moves in order to make gambling illegal and punishable by law. The push would see all forms of online gambling as illegal and criminal. The main reason behind this drive would be to remove social and family problems in the country, something that […]

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    Chinese Media Global Times Cools Down Cambodia Press Figures

    The latest reports from China’s state-run media outlet, Global Times, has criticized the Cambodia’s local paper, People’s Daily. The main reason behind this is because of a difference in statistics from the two different papers. Let’s take a look.  If you take a look at the latest online gambling news, you’ll already have some back-story […]

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    Eight Arrested in Hawaii for Illegal Gambling Activity

    With a keen focus on cleaning up the illegal gambling activity in Hawaii officials and law enforcement officers from several departments have cooperated together to stop two illegal gaming operations on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, in both Pearl City and Waipahu respectively. Let’s take a look.  Before we take a look at the investigation […]

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    The Story of a Retired Police Officer Involved in Illegal Betting Scheme

    A retired police officer in Hong Kong has been arrested for his involvement in a $12.9m betting scheme involving money laundering. So Wing-Yui, 72, has pleaded guilty at a Hong Kong court to one count of booking and seven further counts of money laundering. Let’s take a look.  Interestingly, this is the second time this […]

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    The Singapore Police Have Rescued $260,000 from an Illegal Bookmaker

    We have to give it up for the Singapore police who managed to take-back $260,000 from an illegal bookmaker. Well, in actual fact, they took the sum of money from a 62-year-old man who was aiding the illegal ring. Let’s take a look.  If you check out the latest online gambling news, you’ll find that […]

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    Philippines told to ban online gambling by Chinese Government

    The latest reports have announced that the Chinese Government have asked the Philippines to ban all online gambling activity, amid growing concerns of illegal employment. Keep in mind, Macau is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world and any competition in Asia usually comes down to illegal gambling rings. Let’s take a look.  […]

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    Vietnamese Police Shut Down Another Illegal Gambling Ring

    According to the latest reports, the Vietnamese Police have closed another illegal online gambling ring worth $435m. This comes as no surprise, given the immense work which the country has exceeded in doing over the past few years. Several illegal gambling rings have already been shut down this year continuing the success of previous years. […]