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GambleAware, the Top Gambling Charity in the UK, Reveled Donations


In the UK, both gambling and charity is an important aspect of life. So, it’s not a surprise that gambling charity is also a thing. While in other countries the gambling authorities making an income from fines, in the United Kingdom donations are also essential for operators to stay in the “trustworthy scene”. Let’s take a look at who has been the most generous gaming firm in 2020, according to GambleAware’s reveals.

In the latest gambling news, we are always happy to write about the generous offers of the gambling industry. Also, when a government realizes that gambling is a natural habit and use the revenue from it for a good purpose. The UK was always shown the way how is it possible to sustain a responsible market while making a significant income. Society lotteries are a great example.

According to GambleAware Gamesys Group was the most generous gambling firm in 2020

From the start of April 2019 to the end of March 2020, the gambling charity received 2.29 million pounds (nearly $3m). So, we can say that the second quarter of 2020 was pretty successful despite the current crisis.

From this nearly £2.3m Gamesys gave the most memorable amount, £450,000. From the group, the two most generous gambling firms who supported the gambling charity were Betway (that provided £134,000), and 888 Holdings (that donated £50,000). The other companies that worth mentioning are Apricot Investments with £40,000, Videoslots with £30,000, Gaming Group with £25,000, Petre (Gibraltar) Limited with £61,000, and Casumo Casino with its more than £43,000.

While the most significant pledge is related to the well known William Hill with £1.000.000. While the second-largest pledge came from Praesepe Holdings which is way behind the gambling giant with its £85,500. However, the list only shows the firms who pledged directly the top gambling charity, GambleAware. Since many other operators were pledging education or treatment charities.

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The charity system in the UK describes so well the outstanding British mentality – Image source: Flickr

Even if gambling charity works live its heyday, still regulatory settlements making the “big money”

One way or another, these donations are only the icing on the cake for GambleAware. Since they also obtained a total of £8.800.000 from the fines that operators paid to the UK Gambling Commission. The Commission offers a big part of the regulatory settlements to the gambling charity. The biggest amount came from Betway, who got an £11.600.000 fine for its controversial VIP programs. From this huge fine GambleAware received £5.800.000. The other “lucky victim” was William Hill, whose three million pounds landed in the pockets of the gambling charity because of the scandal around Mr Green in February.

In the past year donations to prevent gambling harm hit a record amount

During the past year, GambleAware, Europe’s biggest gambling charity reported a record amount of donations. This number only includes voluntary offers. In this period the charity received more than ten million pounds just from the gambling industry itself. So, next to the 2020 gambling regulations, now they also have the resources to create a safer market by using the neccesary tools to set up a responsible industry.

In summary, gambling charity is a great way to help the fight against problem gambling. People will gamble one way or another. So, strict restrictions would only increase illegal forms of gambling like dark web gaming.

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