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New Rules on VIP Programs – The UK Gambling Commission’s Latest Measures


The UK Gambling Commission has planned new rules on VIP programs for years. However, despite the loud announcement, there are no real changes in the regulations regarding loyalty memberships. Basically, they just made obligatorily that was natural for trustworthy operators.

In the latest online gambling news VIP schedules is a returning topic. It’s an interesting case from both sides of the shield. While these programs can be extremely rewarding for regular players, they can also cause serious harm to problem gamblers. In the last year, the UK Gambling Commission declared what are the aims regarding the industry in the region. Basically, as they built up a strong oversight they made it clear, how they imagine a regulated market. loyalty programs were also among the topics which are waiting for complete reforming.

New Rules on VIP Programs Will Make Sure That Operators Won’t Offer Loyalty Membership for Problem Gamblers

Many casinos and sportsbooks already implemented strictly regulated loyalty features. However, there are many expectations when big deposits are worth more than human souls. This time, the UK Gambling Commission’s new rules on VIP programs will make sure that the casinos will follow the neccesary protocol.

  • First of all, the punters must get over a series of checks which make sure that the individual doesn’t have any gambling related behavior problems to become a VIP member.
  • The casinos and bookies also must make sure that the consumers only deposit and wager with the amount the can afford. So, even if you joined a VIP program, you won’t get forced to play with stakes that are over your budget.
  • And finally, operators must also assign a senior executive who will be responsible for the VIP membership. This way they can ensure, that professionals make the decisions whos most important aim is the safety of the bettors.

In short, the things that previously made VIP programs responsible now are essential. Still, it’s not the end of the story. After these new rules, we can expect further law changes regarding most of the territories of the gambling industry.

New Rules on VIP Programs

We can expect further regulations regarding the UK gambling industry.

From the 31st of October, Every Operator Must Follow the New Rules

After new VIP program rules have been announced, no one surprised that operators have a very short period of time to implement these new changes. Since everyone knew that these reforms will come sooner than later.

A great example of the UK operators’ preparation is the new figures in the industry. We previously wrote about that Tom Watson joined Paddy Powers. His presence will probably help them to adept to new rule changes. One way or another, we can declare that we arrived in a new era of gambling. Where a strongly regulated market tries to survive not their costumers. When the fight against problem gambling is more important than the tax revenue that the industry generates. And as only the trustworthy operators will last like Betway, we can finally enjoy the truly safe and responsible gaming opportunities once for an all.

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