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    Camelot H1 Sees Improvement in Lottery Sales

    The latest reports coming out of the UK have announced the Camelot H1 results, in which the operator saw improvement. The group are operators of the UK National Lottery and have announced year-on-year increases across the board in its H1 report. Let’s take a look.  Before we jump straight into it, feel free to browse […]

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    News UK have confirmed Simon Collins as new Managing Director

    The latest reports coming out of the United Kingdom have shown us that News UK have announced Cashcade and Gaming Realms Co-founder, Simon Collins, as their new Managing Director of betting and gaming. We will take a look at what Mr Collins has said and what challenges he will face in this new role. Let’s […]

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    Fitzdares CEO William Woodhams Claims TV Advertising

    William Woodhams, who is the Fitzdares CEO, has made a statement about the online gambling market in the UK. He claims that operators are trying their best to attract punters but their ideas and strategies lack creativity. In an in-depth talk with the CEO, Woodhams opens up on all the failures in the current gambling […]

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    EveryMatrix CEO Comments on Suspension by Gambling Commission

    A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a story about how the Gambling Commission in the UK warranted a fine to EveryMatrix. The fine was relatively harsh and stopped all B2C operations in the company. The EveryMatrix CEO, Ebbe Groes, has now had his own say on the suspension. Let’s take a look.  If […]

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    All the Facts you need to know about Gambling in the UK

    In this article, we will be taking a look at all the necessary numbers you may wish to come across when considering gambling in the UK. As a nation, there has been much to look at. From the adverts, to sponsorships to addiction. Let’s check it out.  To start off with, gambling is hugely addictive […]

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    First NHS Gambling Clinic Outside London Opens Today

    The reports from the UK have announced the opening this week of the first National Health Service (NHS) gambling clinic outside London. The operating site is placed in Leeds, with the NHS partnering up with gambling charity organization GamCare, in a stride to raise awareness about responsible gambling and also treat those suffering compulsive gambling […]

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    Is the NHS Service Availability a Concern?

    Just this week, the mother of Kimberley Wadsworth, a woman who killed herself after gambling away £36,000 in 2 weeks, has spoken out about her hopes of a new NHS Service which will be able to stop other in similar circumstances from facing the same pain. Let’s take a look.  In the UK, there has […]

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    Reshuffling in UK Departments sees Helen Whately in charge of Gambling

    Another reshuffle has happened in the UK departments resulting in Helen Whately, who is MP for Faversham and mid Kent, being confirmed as the new minister for gambling in the UK. This was confirmed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Let’s take a look.  What is going on in the UK? From […]

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    IGRG Chairman Gives his verdict on UK Gambling Market

    In this report, we will be taking a look at what the IGRG Chairman, John Hagan had to say in an exclusive interview. IGRG stands for Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, with the Chairman opening up on the progress the UK gambling industry has made in recent years. Let’s take a look.  If you check […]