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Which are the Most Popular Bingo Sites in 2020?

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In search of the most popular bingo sites in 2020, we must investigate a lot of aspects. However, fortunately, it’s easy to find which size fits you the most, as there are only a few truly outstanding options. Let’s take a closer look together, in which virtual bingo halls have the biggest popularity. So, where you can make easily friends, and where you can join in a couple of seconds into a fascinating bingo game.

By now, bingo and mostly online bingo became one of the most popular past-time activities. If you take a glimpse at the bingo history you will also get your reasons why it became a phenomenon. Still, probably it isn’t clear for everyone how to play bingo in 2020 as the countless virtual bingo halls appeared. So, our short guideline will help you to find the most popular bingo sites of the year.

If you followed the latest gambling news, you also could learn about how important part of many people’s lives bingo is. There were many examples in Europe, like in the case of bingo halls in the Netherlands, or the recent Buzz Bingo Closures, when the reactions of the mass media pointed on that bingo is bigger than ever.

So, as we are talking about an activity that is quite popular all around the globe, to truly find a favorite bingo site to ourselves, we must inspect the question differently in each region.

Most Popular Bingo Sites

Let’s play Bingo!

Most Popular Bingo Sites in the UK

The statistics clearly describe that in the UK, bingo is mostly considered as a form of gambling. Therefore, your best options to make new friends and the most frequent bingo games, check out the big gambling sites like bet365, 888bingo, or the Betway Bingo. By the way, at this moment your best chance is Betway Bingo or the 888bingo.

Click here to visit Betway Bingo the most trustwhorty bingo site in the UK

In summary, the most popular bingo sites in the UK have very different facilities, not like their US relatives. However, as bingo in Great Britan is super popular, you should just choose the one in which you feel the most user friendly or rewarding. The only thing that you must care about, to avoid scam bingo sites. Still, sometimes just because a site is small doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Sometimes it has lovely and familiar population. You can find many options like this if you take a look at our bingo reviews.

Most Popular Bingo Sites

UK Bingo Ticket

Most Popular Bingo Sites in the US

The US and UK bingo have many differences. Even if you view the Bingo Casino Reviews, or just the games rules and look itself. Even more, their audience also different. And in the states, bingo is mostly considered as past time activity. Still the biggest and most popular bingo site in the US is Cyberbingo. Also, it was among the first online bingo sites in the world. They will host you with amazing bonuses, a user-friendly look, and countless other players.

Click here to visit Cyberbing, the most experienced bingo operators of the market

Most Popular Bingo Sites

The US Bingo ticket

Most Popular Bingo Sites in Europe

Bingo conquered the whole continent back in the 60s. Thus, nowadays many people try to find a trustworthy and popular site. Unfortunately, many operators are unavailable in many European countries, as they are only UK licensed operators. So, probably your best chance, to find an all-day online crowd is 888bingo.

Click here to visit 888bingo

Even more, as we know from the bingo fun facts, the game is mostly played by women. Therefore, 888 made a special option for the ladies. You can learn more about this iconic virtual bingo hall in our 888ladies review.

Click here to visit the iconic 888ladies

Don’t forget to check out the local bingo sites as well. Even if they don’t have as many active players, if you can chat with the other players on your mother language it can easily bring the fun to the next level.

Most Popular Bingo Sites

In Europe, we can say bingo has a more hundred-year tradition

Most Popular Bingo Sites in Canada

As bingo become the most popular past time activity in the US, it’s not a surprise that it also conquered Canada. An interesting fact that in this region, bingo is mostly considered as part of family time. Still, there are few gambling sites that have significant popularity. The best example is Bingo Canada.

Click here to visit Bingo Canada

By the way, in this region, the most popular bingo sites will be among the free-to-play options. Most Canadians prefer bingo as a great way of killing time. If you share this view, you will love Zoom Bingo rooms. However, if you want to go for a neat prize, stick to Bingo Canada and the other professional operators.


Bingo conquered the whole world – Image source: Spangdahlem Air Base

Are there other options over the most popular bingo sites in 2020?

Yes of course! However, you should only go for the free-to-play options at the smaller sites. Since cash-games at unpopular bingo sites are quite risky. First of all, a smaller operator never uses as a trustworthy tool to protect their punters’ card information and other personal data. Also, withdrawal can also be an issue sometimes. So, feel free to discover, but if you want to hit a real bingo jackpot you should always stick only to the most popular bingo sites.

In conclusion, it’s not enough if you register on one of the most popular bingo sites in your region. To successfully, make friends, and rule the crowded virtual bingo halls, you must also learn the game rules, and also the gambling slang related to bingo. Take your time and stay tuned with GamblingHerald, to be one of the most informed, entertaining, and experienced bingo players. Good luck, see you in the hall!

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