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The Economic Nightmare Continues – Casino Closures in Liverpool


Even if it seemed like things will be as they were a couple of months ago, it turned out that the end of the current health crisis is way further than anyone expected. Despite the many trade-offs with the hospitality and gambling industry, the UK Government announced further restrictions to protect citizens. They set up a tier system to make proper measurements for each area. The regions with lower popularity will have to follow the same health and safety rules, while there are complete casino closures in Liverpool.

In the latest online gambling news, we spoke a lot about the event cancellations and the closures of casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling institutions. But how this affects the industry? Worse than you can imagine. The gambling capitals like Macau or Las Vegas are simply falling apart. While you would think online gambling is emerging, it has to manage the newer and newer restrictions instead, day by day. However, we must also admit that the casino closures in Liverpool seem reasonable since even if the authorities set up an earlier closing hour, as you can see in the Twitter video below, these measurements didn’t reach the expected outcome.

The Casino Closures in Liverpool Will Start on the 14th of October

Prime Minister Boris Jhonson made an announcement on the 12th of October regarding further restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. The new rules will be implemented on the 14th.

The new health and safety instructions separate regions in the UK into three tiers. Tier-one areas are the cities with lower popularity without any tourism sector. Tier-two is the places with high popularity but with manageable or unavoidable crowds. While tier-three means high danger.

Lower tier cities will have to follow the current regulations like the 10 o’clock closing. However, tier-three zones have way more serious restrictions to manage like the casino closures in Liverpool City Region; Liverpool,  StHelens, Halton, Sefton, Knowsley, Wirral

Of course, over the casinos, betting shops, gyms, leisure centers, pubs, and bars also have to close their gates in front of the unsatisfied customers. The only expectations are the establishments that serving meals and offering lodgment.

Casino Closures in Liverpool

Boris Johnson – Image source: Flickr

The New Restrictions Will Be Revised on a Monthly Basis

What makes these regulations even scarier this time that the UK Government didn’t declare dates how long the new world order will last. According to Boris Jhonson’s statement, they will revise the case month by month until the situation normalizes. So, at this moment all we can do is rooting for a better situation in Liverpool.

One way or another, this quick measurement was expected after Scotland’s same regulations which were implemented on the 9th of October. Also, we must admit that casino reopening in the UK wasn’t smooth at all. Neither in the case of Welsh and Scottish casinos. Meanwhile, betting shops in Ireland also faced unfair decisions from the authorities.

In summary, even if we like it or not, we must accept that things won’t be the same for a while. Casino closures in Liverpool are only the tip of the iceberg if we are talking about the economic damage that the gambling industry suffers. As an operator you can only cross your fingers and as a bored gambler visit the Betway Casino.

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