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    The Economic Nightmare Continues – Casino Closures in Liverpool

    Even if it seemed like things will be as they were a couple of months ago, it turned out that the end of the current health crisis is way further than anyone expected. Despite the many trade-offs with the hospitality and gambling industry, the UK Government announced further restrictions to protect citizens. They set up a tier system to make proper measurements for each area. The regions with lower popularity will have to follow the same health and safety rules, while there are complete casino closures in Liverpool.

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    Looks as though the PGA will Invest into Gambling Audiences Next Year

    The latest reports state that the US PGA Tour is ready to expand its audience by offering gambling at tournaments, according to Commissioner Jay Monahan. The Commissioner said that fans can expect to see the PGA’s gambling product in the marketplace next year, with the primary aim to attract new fans to the sport. Let’s […]