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    Wichita laundromat turns out to be secret illegal gambling den

    In recent news, a Wichita laundromat has been found to operate secret gambling machines and casinos. The laundromat has a history of illegal happenings but until now they have always found a way to resume their activities! Let’s read on to see what will happen If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can find […]

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    Bradford could emerge as number one gambling hotspot in the UK

    In a recent report by the Bradford city council, shocking information about gambling and problem gamblers has emerged. With the most deprived areas holding over three quarters of all the gambling venues in the city, the council claims the NHS still does not fund any of the necessary specialist treatment services. Let’s take a look […]

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    Paul Merson speaks about gambling addiction and dark past

    Former Aston Villa club legend Paul Merson opens up about gambling addiction on ITV. In the interview he tells a personal story, not told before, about his addiction, breakdown of his family and rehabilitation, let’s read on.  If you follow us on the latest online gambling news, you can find more articles on celebrities fighting gambling […]

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    Scottish charity Fast Forward makes theatre production on youth gambling

    A Scottish youth work charity Fast Forward intends to take on the youth gambling crisis in a theatre production called ‘Flutter’. The production will tour over 70 high schools across 23 different local authorities in Scotland. Let’s read on.  If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can find more articles about youth  gambling and gambling […]

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    Mental health clinic sees a rise in gambling addiction in patients

    A warning of a gambling addiction trend has been raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. Since the opening of the MGM casino, in a nearby mental health clinic, therapists are worried alarmingly high rates of clients are gambling and the local councils have taken action. Let’s take a look at it. If you follow the latest online gambling […]

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    Japan to use facial recognition to stop gambling addiction

    The Japanese government plans to force gambling venues to use facial recognition technology to stop gambling addiction. Let’s take a look at it.  If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can find more articles about current political stances on gambling. Feel free to check it out.  Japanese gambling venues could be forced to use […]

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    Former Gambling Addict opens up on Dangers of Gambling Addiction

    At the age of just 23, an anonymous person, who we will call Seth, had the whole world in front of him. However, he suffered a serious brain injury after an attack outside a nightclub leaving him in a coma. After making the wrong decisions, he went down the road of gambling addiction and has […]

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    Young Celebs Can No Longer Feature in Gambling Ads

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how the UK has taken a step forward in trying to cut down on the amount of gambling addicts, especially with youngsters. The new rules, which will be put into play in April, contain a number of changes to the current system. One of them, if […]

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    Bishop in the UK Explains his Fury at Children Gambling

    In today’s story, we have heard that Dr Alan Smith, the bishop of St Albans, has spoken of his fury in today’s society. With children gambling as well as many adults also falling into the trap of addiction, it’s not all that difficult to see why. Let’s take a look at it. If you follow […]

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    Campaigners are pushing for gambling addiction to become a public health issue

    Just this week, there’s been many calls by several campaigners for stronger betting regulations concerning gambling. What’s being the highlight is changing gambling addiction to a public health issue. This comes after a survey from the University of Bath shows that many people involved in sports between the ages of 18-35 are involved with gambling. […]