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    2021 Horse Racing Betting Guide for Dummies – 7+1 Essential Tips

    At this moment, there is more and more volume on horse racing among bettors. As many sports events have been canceled, most of the big courses could organize their happenings since their total revenue is mostly from wagering. In response to the increasing interest in this fascinating market, we created our 2021 horse racing betting guide to help everyone who wants to join the most traditional ventures of the betting industry.

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    The Winner of the 2020 Kentucky Derby Is Definetly Not Churhill Downs

    The Winner of the 2020 Kentucky Derby was Authentic. This outstanding horse probably won a lot of money for everyone who placed a bet on him. However, this year's race wasn't brought the expected success to the operators of the event, Churchill Downs. In numbers, the bettors spent 52% less money on wagers compared to 2019. Let's take a closer look at the reasons behind this plunge while we take a glimpse at the run.

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    Horse Races with the Audience Got the Green Light in the UK

    After the long anticipation, as the UK enters phase 5 in the fight against the pandemic, finally, we can welcome back horse races with the audience from September. Even more, we already got an official schedule for the upcoming horse races which will be available to visit. Of course, health and safety measurements are the most important aspects of the events. But still, this is a huge step forward to the racing and also a betting industry.

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    British Horse Racing Season Will Resume First Among the Other Sports in the UK

    The British Horse Racing Season has been suspended just like any other sports events around the world. Anyhow, slowly life returns to the sports world's veins. Soon we can celebrate the phenomenons just like we did a couple of months ago. Anyhow, the UK Government will only ease the measurements when they are sure there is no more significant danger. Thus, the resume in Great Britan will happen a bit later than in the other European countries.

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    French Horse Racing Season Will Resume on the 11th of May

    After the sports events cancellation disaster, finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The French authorities who are responsible for the run of sports events suggested resuming the French horse racing season that would have been started at the end of March. They set up a date as well. It's on the 11th of May. On that day, the French Government wants to ease the restrictions.

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    Deadwood Creator David Milch Gambled $100m Away

    David Milch, Deadwood Creator and well-known American writer and TV series producer has earned a fortune thanks to his successful career in Hollywood. Good for him, as you might say, however according to The Hollywood Reporter, he gambled away nearly all of his money. The former English literature professor of Yale is suffering from serious gambling addiction. We […]

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    Florida may see its Horse Racing Days Come to an End

    (Image credit: Dania ) Horse racing has long been a tradition in Florida, but it seems that a number of racetracks could be soon close their doors if the new gambling deal comes into place. According to The Tampa Tribune, the term known as “decoupling” is at the center of discussions between the industry’s heads and […]