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    2021 Horse Racing Betting Guide for Dummies – 7+1 Essential Tips

    At this moment, there is more and more volume on horse racing among bettors. As many sports events have been canceled, most of the big courses could organize their happenings since their total revenue is mostly from wagering. In response to the increasing interest in this fascinating market, we created our 2021 horse racing betting guide to help everyone who wants to join the most traditional ventures of the betting industry.

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    Gambling Firms are Losing Their Spot Among Premier League Sponsors

    According to the latest announcements, many gambling firms won't appear in the next season as Premier League sponsors. This is the lowest number of betting sponsorships in the League since 2016. And probably, this number will continue to drop in the future. Let's take a closer look together at the actual sponsors, the overall statistics, the reasons behind the drop in numbers, and of course, at the possible outcomes.

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    Bet on Bo-taoshi – The Craziest Japanese Game You Ever Saw

    This time we have a special topic to satisfy your desire for weird wagers. There is a crazy sport in Japan that is unknown in most of the Western countries. Let's take a closer look at how to bet on Bo-taoshi, the game that brings Red Rover and capture the flag to a brand new professional level.

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    Sports Betting in the Distant Future

    In this always changing industry, it is hard to make predictions in the long-term. However, based on the consumers' behavior and the market trends we can see how sports betting in the distant future will look like. Will the land-based betting shops make it in the modern age? The difficulties of Q1 and Q2 can give us a clearer image of the fate of bookies and about which the permanent aspects of wagering. Let's take a closer look together!

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    Australian Rugby League Will Resume on the 28th of May

    Like most of the sports events around the globe, the Australian Rugby League has been called off in March as well. Anyhow, we see the light at the end of the tunnel as the Australian authorities let the show go on. The mighty players can return to the fields for the official matches from the 28th of May.

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    M88 Betting Site Affiliates Sentenced in Vietnam

    Members of an illegal gambling ring connected to one of the world’s largest online betting sites M88 have been subjected to rigid sentences in Vietnam, this Friday. 30 individual got jail terms by a court in Ho Chi Minh City, while 14 others got suspended sentences who were responsible for placing sports wagers with the […]

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    American Gaming Association to Tackle Illegal Sports Betting

    A “rational alternative” to the USA’s current sports betting restriction will be resorted to, as announced by the board of directors of the American Gaming Association (AGA), top US casino lobbying group based in Washington DC, this Wednesday. The group said to have undertaken “a major shift in the industry’s approach to sports betting,” which […]