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Bet on Bo-taoshi – The Craziest Japanese Game You Ever Saw

Image source: DozoDomo / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

This time we have a special topic to satisfy your desire for weird wagers. There is a crazy sport in Japan that is unknown in most of the Western countries. Let’s take a closer look at how to bet on Bo-taoshi, the game that brings Red Rover and capture the flag to a brand new professional level.

In the latest gambling news, there will be always someplace for crazy betting options. A bet on Bo-taoshi absolutely fits into this category. Even more, once you meet this unique, dangerous, and spectacular sports activity, you will embosom it for life. Even if Bo-taoshi betting options are quite rare, your best chance to find one is the 1xBET Sportsbook. And don’t forget, don’t try Bo-taoshi at home!

What is Bo-taoshi exactly?

Bo-taoshi is a Japanese team-sport, played with a lot of participants. The game is mostly like a capture-the-flag or the Red Rover. Nowadays, it can be found mostly at school programs. However, traditionally it was the annual sports event of the National Defense Academy of Japan. The game is huge. When the two teams meet you can see 150 people (75 attackers and 75 defenders) wrestling around a pole.

It’s hard to imagine how the game exactly looks, so the easiest way to understand how is it look if you take a glimpse at one of the videos above. Basically, 1 player of the defender team climbs on the pole. The other 74 player’s duty to protect him. While the attackers’ team’s only task to remove that fella from the pole. If the perpendicular pole is brought lower than 30 degrees to the horizontal, it’s a score.

Originally this angle was 45 degrees, but after the game has been facelifted in 1973, it’s changed to 30, with many other smaller rule changes. Anyhow, the rules are pretty simple…

Bo-taoshi Rules:

As we mentioned below, the attackers’ aim is to tilt the defenders’ pole above 30 degrees to the horizontal. Of course, the defenders won’t make that easy, since they achieve the victory if they can keep the 75 attackers back for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the match is ended, and the two teams change places. The attackers have to defend the pole, and the defenders will attack.  Mostly, each team has a separate defensive and offensive section of players just like in football. Offensives always wear their team’s color, while the “protectors of the pole” war white.

As you can see the rules are simple. If none of the teams able to tilt the pole, the match is repeated until one of them succeeds. Also, biting, scratching, kicking, punching, strangling, pulling heads, or any dangerous moves are strictly prohibited.

Bet on Bo-taoshi

Moments from an exciting Bo-taoshi match – Image source: English: Abasaa日本語: あばさー via Wikimedia Commons

Team composition

Each side of the team has different positions.


In the defending team, there are four posts. The rider on top, who is a single player who climbs to the top of the pole. The pole supporters, who are basically right next to the pole, and tries to keep it stable with their full body. The circle is a circle of players who surround the pole and the pole support. And last but not least the interference, or in rough translation the “killers”, who are in the outer circle and tries to hold back attackers by any cost.


In the offensive section, there are three positions. The scrum is the attacking circle around the pole. They are pushing the defenders and the attackers and chargers use them as a springboard. The attackers try to climb on the pole through the defenders. While chargers represent sudden attacks by charging at the pole and trying to tackle defenders and the rider on top himself.

Where you can bet on Bo-Taoshi?

First of all, finding a bet on Bo-taoshi won’t be an easy task. There are only a few wagering options each year. Howver, if you visit the 1xBET Sportsbook, sooner or later you will find a bet on this crazy Japanese sport. Even more, if you like weird bets, let’s talk about unexpected novelty bets, or just wagers on mad sports, 1xBET is the best site for you.

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