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    DozenSpins Casino Review

    If you are looking for a gambling site with all the necessary features without the unwanted sumptuosity dig yourself into our DozenSpins Casino review. Even more, you can apply for our exclusive bonus for an even richer welcome offer.

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    Megaslot Casino Review

    In our in-depth Megaslot Casino review you will find all the essential information to start your virtual ventures on this simple but futuristic site.

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    Dark Web Gaming and How Not to Gamble on Deepweb

    Probably a lot of you have been thinking that "There must be an easier way, It must be". And if you are playing online casino games, sometimes protective features make you feel that you are not truly free. So, probably you also thought that Dark Web gaming is the solution. Nope, it's not. Can you gamble on Dark Web? Yeah, sure, you can do anything that can be related to any aberration (no offense). Should you play on Dark Web? Never, ever! Let's inspect what truly means to gamble on Deepweb or Darkweb. 

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    Why don’t the US online gambling servers use Bitcoin?

    By 2019 everyone must have heard of Bitcoin. It had its peak in 2017 when stocks jumped from $900 to $20,000 and since has popularized cryptocurrencies into being taken seriously by governments and online servers. Now the question is, why don’t American online gambling servers use Bitcoin? Let’s take a look at it.  If you […]

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    Internet’s Most Famous Gamblers Join Forces to Patent Bitcoin Technology

    Internet’s most famous gamblers, the founder of bitcoin Craig Wright and one of the pioneers of online gambling Calvin Ayre have joined forces to patent bitcoin technology to create a brighter future for cryptocurrency technology. According to the latest online gambling news, computer scientist Craig Wright, who claimed himself to be the founder of bitcoin […]

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    Spain Looking to Impose Taxes on Cryptocurrency Mining

    Tax authorities in Spain are vying to cash in on the increasing operations of cryptocurrency mining from virtual currencies like bitcoin and altcoin. First off, in case you’re wondering ‘what the h*** does cryptocurrency mining mean?’ let us tell you from the get-go, it’s a process by which all the virtual currency transactions are recorded […]

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    BitGirls – Efforts to Rebrand Bitcoin in Japan

    Japan is looking to give virtual currencies another with a thrilling TV show dubbed BitGirls, following the 2014 cryptocurrency incident. (Image credit: CoinTelegraph) BitGirls will be just like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, only better! (Let’s hope.) It’s slated to be released on October 3 with the aim of rebranding virtual currencies in Japan; it will feature […]

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    Bitcoin Is a Terrorist Threat According to the EU Council Seeking to Regulate Currency

    Only last month we wrote about the European Parliament’s Economic Committee (EESC) discussing the future of Bitcoin. This month, the EC came forward with a plan detailing changes to its Anti-Money Laundering Directive in regards to the digital currency, claiming that the amendments are designed to curb terrorist funding. According to online gambling news, Europol, Europe’s version of Interpol, […]