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2021 Will Mean the End of Gambling Affiliates in Germany


Next to many European regions, Germany also started to step up to protect problem gamblers and minors. They are planning many regulations on the gambling industry. The new rules will mostly affect gambling affiliates in Germany. From 2021, this form of advertising of gambling products will be restricted if the process goes through the system.

In the latest gambling news Germany and the region’s gambling affiliates always had an important place. Football betting is huge in the country and its Gros Gaming Revenue (GGR) also significant. However, in the not too distant future, we can count on serious changes in the German gambling industry as the new advertising regulations will completely ban gambling affiliates.

Still, according to the member of German Association for Telecommunications and Media (DVTM), Dr. Anreas Blaue, these restrictions won’t lead to a safer and sustainable gambling market. Even if with this measurement the authorities want to make sure that punters only choose the licensed sites. One way or another, the change will be devastating for the gambling affiliates in Germany. Blaue also agrees with that: “There will be no place for affiliate marketing campaigns with providers at the end. In my eyes, that’s a very serious change…”

According to the statistics, Gambling Affiliates in Germany emerging

This standard is the same all around the world but in a different phrase. Affiliate marketing is getting bigger and bigger and who knows when it will reach the top. However, if you take a look at the numbers you can see that gambling affiliates in Germany generate the most registrations on sportsbooks and casino sites and also generating the most clicks compared to any other form of betting advertisements.

Gambling Affiliates in Germany

Affiliate marketing is the future

DVTM highlighted that the regulating authorities don’t have real oversight over affiliate marketing

Even more, Dr. Andreas Blaue said that they do not even understand how affiliate marketing works. If you take a look at the bigger picture you can see that this form of marketing tools is the future. Of course, ethical advertising and choosing your audience is essential. Mostly in the world of gambling. Still, a complete ban is everything but reasonable. Blaue said:

“They try to lead users, on the one hand, to licensed operators. But, on the other hand, they fear that when users are not so much triggered by advertising and rather affiliate marketing approaches, where this system of affiliate marketing will achieve the most turnover and the most registrations, then the market will develop in a way that will be more dangerous for the user…”

He also mentioned that with dissension between gambling affiliates in Germany and the government forces, they won’t be able to build out a proper system with this absolute decision:

I think that’s the biggest picture behind this. But it’s not in the knowledge of the politicians to understand how this market works. Starting next year, I’m not convinced we can develop a very good working gambling market, which comprises all interests of the stakeholders on the politicians’ side and on the side of the providers.”

In summary, from 2021 gambling affiliates in Germany has to stop advertising. That will mean the end of many companies in the country. Even more, it can cause a significant revenue drop for all the affiliates who are focusing on the German, so the European market.

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