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    We Can Welcome Legal Online Gambling in the Netherlands Sooner Than Later

    Today we will take a closer look at what are the expectations regarding online gambling in the Netherlands. The legalization is on the way, however, this liberal country has strict requirements forward operators. One way ore another, as 2021 is coming the process will start. Online gambling firms can start to apply for the Dutch gaming license from January. Anyways, before the final say-so, a three year trial period will decide the fate of online gaming in the Netherlands

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    Dark Web Gaming and How Not to Gamble on Deepweb

    Probably a lot of you have been thinking that "There must be an easier way, It must be". And if you are playing online casino games, sometimes protective features make you feel that you are not truly free. So, probably you also thought that Dark Web gaming is the solution. Nope, it's not. Can you gamble on Dark Web? Yeah, sure, you can do anything that can be related to any aberration (no offense). Should you play on Dark Web? Never, ever! Let's inspect what truly means to gamble on Deepweb or Darkweb. 

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    Investigation Over Gambling Ads on Google – Italy vs. the Tech Company

    Gambling ads on Google was always a controversial topic. From both sides, since gambling companies with proper licenses, who truly care about responsible gambling mostly declined Google's offers. And as authorities started to ban gambling ads in many European countries, in Google Search some of the international betting operators could keep their "advertising" top position. The other side of the shield is that many states in America eased on their regulations regarding sports betting. So, the current situation is a bit messy.