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A Must-See Online Gaming Expo – G2E Virtually Live


The organizers of the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) announced that their next conference will take place on a virtual platform. The pre-registration already started for the online gaming expo. The digital event-chain will start on the 14th of October and the expo itself will take place on the 27th and 28th of October.

In the latest gambling news, we try to inform you about everything that can be interesting or helpful during your journey through the unbeaten path of the gambling industry. Both as a gambler or both as a participant. This online gaming expo is a must-see if you want to be aware of what’s going on in the US industry.

G2E is the biggest gaming expo in the United States. Year-by-year thousands visit the gambling event which always takes place in Las Vegas. This happening not only important for the local operators and affiliates but it’s also considered as the “King” of its kind. The US market is huge, and every serious participant in the industry wants a slice. And this is a great option to give your enterprise a shot.

How you can imagine an online gaming expo?

A great example of an online gambling expo was the AffiliateCon Virtually Live. Basically, these virtual conferences are focusing on educative content. Just like in the land-based version, you can listen to the presentations of the most experienced figures of the related gambling industry. Even more, during the two weeks from the opening of the registrations until the actual expo, you will have a chance to explore the vendors who are offering their products online this time. Also, you can make new relations. Of course, nothing can replace G2E’s spectacular shows in Vegas. However, in this difficult period, an event like this is essential to stay tuned with the latest changes in the industry of the American continent.

Online Gaming Expo

Business relations are essential even in the most difficult times

What are the main topics of the 2020 G2E?

According to the latest announcements, these will be the main topics at the fascinating online gaming expo:

The Gambling Industry’s recovery from the pandemic

These are difficult times for every kind of business. However, the gambling industry facing extraordinary challenges all around the globe. The land-based sector simply shut its gates, while the online operators have to manage countless new regulations. At the 2020 G2E, we will hear the stories of the biggest casinos and how they stay on foot, while we can hear a lot about new innovations like the antimicrobial casino chips and systems which provide a safer and sustainable industry.

Payment Modernisation

Many countries and states regulated the form of online payments at gambling sites. We can learn more about e-wallets and payment methods which safe both for the punters and operators. You can also learn which firms accept PayPal deposits, and who are the ones who are focusing on new solutions.

Tribal Gaming

In the US, Native American casinos are among the most important participants of the gambling industry. During the online gaming expo, you can learn everything about what’s going on at this very moment. Even more, as an operator, you will be able to contact them to expand your business with an US license via tribal casinos.

The Legalization wave in America

You could read a lot about gambling legalization in the US. In July we introduced a bill that rewrote Nebraska gambling laws. Later, we also inspected the changes in online gambling in Michigan. But these cases are only the tip of the iceberg. At this year’s G2E you can hear the stories from the first hand. Even more, you can listen to the predictions about further states where gambling or just sports betting is likely to be legalized in the near future.

Much more…

And of course, you can learn much more about the most popular and emerging markets, like what can we expect in connection with esports in the long-term. Or, what are the best ways to improve your reach as an affiliate.

How an online gaming expo can replace the biggest gambling networking event in Las Vegas?

First of all, nothing can replace the spectacular gambling show of Vegas. On the other hand, G2E adds a two week “networking period” which will start with the registrations and ends with the actual conference. This way this online gambling expo can give you much more than any other similar virtual happening did. If you wish to make new business relations while stay tuned, it’s not a thing you want to miss.

Online Gaming Expo

Can’t wait to return to the land-based conferences in Vegas

How to get your tickets to the G2E Virtually Live?

At this moment, registration is closed. However, you can pre-register to G2E Virtual Expo, if you click on the link and fill the form. The actual registration will start on the 14th of October, two weeks before the online gaming expo. If you take part in the pre-registration, G2E will send you a notification when the registration opens. Also, by giving your e-mail address you will receive further important news about the upcoming virtual event.

In summary, this online gaming expo is a must-see if you have any relation to the US gambling industry, or if you want to expand to this market. Stay tuned with GamblingHerald to learn about every similar event right after it’s announced!

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