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AffiliateCon Virtually Live Will Take Place On the 12th of May


Due to the current situation, most events had to be canceled. However, there are a lot of opportunities to organize gatherings on virtual platforms. A great example is the AffiliateCon Virtually Live, where the most important questions of the gambling industry will be discussed. Also, you can meet with the most actual topics and most promising markets. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the latest trends. Even more, in the reflection of the online form, this time the Con will be completely free. You can register for the virtual event on the movement’s official website.

While most of the similar gambling meetings have been called off all around the world, AffiliateCon found the perfect solution the hold the conferences. Thus, this year we can welcome the AffiliateCon Virtually Live, where the most successful and experienced faces of the industry will share their visions. While you can listen to workshops about the most important changes in the business, you can enjoy the entertaining talks and fascinating online shows. Altogether, you can learn the latest gambling news at first hand.

If you would like to join the world-class virtual conference you can watch the AffiliateCon Virtually Live ‘s online stream at YouTube on the 12th of May from 10 o’clock AM until 2:30 PM. Here is the Live video, where you can join the broadcast tomorrow:

Esports and virtual sports will be highlighted this year

As you probably already heard, the esports and the virtual sports industry is getting bigger and bigger year by year. However, it’s still not part of common sense in the gambling industry. That will change soon. That’s why these digital sports will be the main topics at the AffiliateCon Virtually Live. As you can see in the schedule below, at 11:45 you can even hear the Co-Founder of SickOdds who will share his tips and thoughts about the future of this newish form of sports and sports betting. Anyhow if you would like to learn more about esports betting in 2020, check out our directory.

10:00 AMSEO Techniques for 2020Gennadiy Vorobyov
10:45 AMHow gambling firms recover from the current situationWarren Sammut, Alex Donohue, Louise Agran
11:45 AMAfter the Pandemics and the Future of EsportsTom Wade
12:30 PMQuick look at the Industry in 2020Tal Ron All-Stars Panel
01:20 PMExclusive Performance Zhana Bergendorff
1:45 PMThe Rise of Virtual SportsMartin Watcher
02:30 PMAffiliate and Operator PanelWarren Jacobs, Jeton Kodia

You can enjoy Zhana Bergendorff’s exclusive performance at the 2020 AffiliateCon Virtually Live

The former winner of the Bulgarian X-Factor, the singer phenomenon will give some extra juice to the show with her presence. Their beautiful voice will melt our hearths in a short break between the meaningful talks. As you can see from the table above, her performance will start at 1:20 PM and we can enjoy it for 25 minutes. Not a thing you want to miss! If you haven’t heard about Zhana before, here is her latest video clip where she is featuring with Damayan Popov:

In summary, the 2020 AffiliateCon Virtually Live is the perfect opportunity for everyone who is at least slightly interested in the gambling industry. Since participating in the virtual broadcasts is completely free. Even more, if you are deeply involved in the business, this is a great option to hear about the latest happenings and about the future’s expectations. Despite most of the performers will check in from home, we can expect spectacular visual elements in a good looking entertaining commission since we can welcome plenty of big supporters behind the show like ChasiMashi, kindred Affiliates, 22BET, comeon!, and many others.

You can still register to watch online the AffiliateCon Virtually Live tomorrow at the event’s official site.

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