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eSports Betting in 2020 – What May This Year Holds for Gaming?


Virtual sports and competitive video gaming is bigger day by day. Even more, since all the sports events have been called off, it’s not a surprise that eSports betting in 2020 will have a lot of attention. According to the latest researches, the revenue on the eSports gambling industry will be doubled in 2020.

The revenue on eSports betting in 2020 can easily exceed 14 billion dollars. The industry is growing super fast by itself but the countless event cancellations made it even more popular between gamblers. Bettors around the world are looking for a new entertainment source, and eSports seems working.

If you take a look at the latest gambling news you can see that gambling authorities are making a lot of effort to reduce online gambling during those difficult days. However, eSports betting can bring some balance in the force, since the wagers on virtual competitions always include shorter and way realistic odds. Also, there are fewer special betting options on special occasions.

We can see an exponential growth in eSports Betting in 2020

Based on the data of the 2CV, eSports betting in the last year involved more than a 7 billion dollar interest. Even more, their researches suggest that this amount can easily be doubled by the end of this year. Mostly they analyzed the betting behavior of selected individuals. They monitored the gambling habits of more than 1000 bettors. More than half of them spent less on online gambling in the reflection of the current situation (event cancellations). However, roughly 30% have been looking for new betting options. Here comes eSports in the picture.

esports betting in 2020

eSports has a huge audience – Image source: Flickr

In the previous months, out of 100 bettors, 36 placed wagers on virtual games. For 30 people that was the first time, they were trying their fortune in the mentioned category. However, more than 60% said that they didn’t play with their usual stakes since they don’t have the necessary statistics yet to wager with higher amounts.

Also, as video games’ popularity grows, the revenue of eSports betting will grow the same way. At this moment, approximately there are 450.000.000 annual viewers of the eSports events. According to 2CV, this number can grow to 650.000.000 by the end of 2022. Thus everything points to that eSports gambling will be bigger and bigger year by year.

Why eSports is so promising?

The biggest reason why virtual sports getting so much attention is that eSports requires more popular abilities than regular sports. Unfortunately, the next generation is more likely into hitting the keyboard than kicking the ball outside. By the way, the world is changing and we can’t do anything to stop it.

Still, we shouldn’t underestimate the achievements of the stars in the video game industry. To be a world-recognized gamer, you need the same time of practice and you must also be gifted. Even if you play a lot and have outstanding mechanic skills, if you won’t follow the proper path to victory on the virtual battlefields, you will stay a recreational player anyways.

Thus, betting on eSports is just the same as on sports. So, the current rise in the numbers isn’t a surprise. However, in the next years (because of the mentioned change in generations) nothing will stop the eSports wagering industry.

The head of the mentioned 2CV researches, Matin Bradley has the same vision about the topic, he stated the following:

“Short-term growth is likely to come from sport-based games, but there are huge opportunities to make this more long-term; as long as consumers are educated properly on esports and what it can offer, as well as considering which kinds of events are best suited to a particular audience.”

In summary, we can expect exponential growth in eSports gambling this year. Even more, in the long-term, we can expect continuous development. The upcoming generations will recognize the eSports industry way more. The only question is the future of online gambling. Will this modern way of entertainment survive the regulations? Only time can tell…

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