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Future of AI in Gambling – How will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Industry?

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You can read plenty of discussions about Artificial Intelligence on the Internet. However, we can expect that AI will appear in the near future. In the online gaming industry, it will have an important role as well. The future of AI in gambling is clearly to help prevention. Even more, it can provide customized help to each individual. Still, there are plenty of controversial things around artificial solutions. First of all, how is that possible? And mostly, is it normal that an institution has such a detailed profile of a customer?

If we are talking about the future of AI in gambling, we are making the most important predictions for the industry. Most of the people think that Artificial Intelligence will serve the industry itself, to have “virtual AI crupies” who will steal all your money. They are all wrong. The AI’s role in the future will be prevention and nothing more. HBO’S Westworld is distant time but the first AI is closer day by day.

What is the current role of AI in the gambling industry?

Even if you don’t think for the first time, AI is currently ruling a lot of territories of our lives. Most of the multi companies using Artificial solutions to make their predictions. To find out what their costumers really want. Even more, even FaceBook works based on an AI, which is called a mind-reading system by Mark Zuckerberg.

In the gambling industry, AIs are used to find hackers, to set up betting odds and what is the most important help prevention. An AI notices things that are even hidden from the experts of the business. Gambling is basically playing with mathematics. An AI is like a mind built up by math. Therefore, it can manage things that are too far from human behavior to ever understand. However, you shouldn’t think about it like a super-machine which knows everything. These are algorithms that are used to analyze data. By the way, as you can read below there are new AI products on the table, and they will have more power than ever before. Still, it will be just another point on the list of tools to help problem gamblers.

The Current Prevention Programs are Using:

  • Loss & Deposit Limit
  • Time Limits
  • Self-Exclusion
  • Markers of Harm
  • Credit Card Ban

What is the future of AI in gambling in the long term?

Even if the Gambling Commission does a lot of efforts to protect the gamers in the UK or around the globe, they are facing unbelievable numbers, and cases which are nearly impossible to investigate. In the UK there are more than 2 million problem gamblers. Therefore, prevention needs some extra juice to work properly. Here comes the AI in the picture.

There are already more products are on the table to help the gambling authorities job. The Mindway AI led by the Danish Kim Mourdisen is a company that is working on several solutions to make gambling more responsible. The project exists since 2018, where they infuse AI and neurology. The main aim is to make an algorithm that spots all the misbehavior on the online gambling platforms and provide a solution for each individual.

What are the exact AIs in gambling that we can expect in the future?

Their two currently developed programs are GameScannar and Gamalyze. One is to find problem gamblers and the other is to give advice to the players. When to stop, or when to rest between two spins. Even more, as they are working together with experts and psychologists, their professional tips on responsible gaming are also included in the system.

Another development over these monitoring, that the AI could manipulate the online facility, to remove glowing buttons and other spectacular elements, which could force the visitors to misbehave. This way, the operators could keep their good looking colorful sites, while they could ensure that the problem gamblers have psychological and neurological help without they are mentioning anything. That would be the most successful future of AI in gambling, according to Mindway AI‘s statements.

future of AI in gambling

Will there ever be a safe place for our personal data?

Is the future of AI in gambling leads to a sustainable industry?

AI seems a solution to the future of gambling. Still, there are plenty of controversial things in connection with those developments. However, it can be the golden middle way since at this moment if an online casino notices an addict or someone whose behavior is problematic they must ensure that the individual has proper treatment. In short, they must ban his account. That’s neither good for the customer or the online casino. Even more, more Gambling Authorities are thinking about the complete ban on online gaming. Sounds drastic but after the ad-bans, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that would happen.

Is AI dangerous? Who can decide where is the border between prevention and total control?

Still, not the AI’s presence is questioned, but the whole process. You gather data about your costumers and you make it visible to your algorithm that spots the problem gamblers or any addicts. Then, the system warns the individual or manipulate the facility he uses to control his or her behavior with the previously mentioned psychological techniques. Here comes the problem. If any authority has the power to collect this information and use it, it can easily monitor people without their agreement and use it for other purposes.

To be true, this problem is not only related to the gambling industry, since they would use these tools to protect costumers not to convert them. Most of the big online marketing and databases collecting companies use AI to organize their gathered information and make personalized ads to each individual. In my opinion, the AI industry needs more regulation than gambling in the future. The robots are smarter than us, don’t let them take over control.

If you would like to learn more about the future of AI in gambling, follow the latest gambling news to be aware of the latest developments.

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