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What are Antimicrobial Casino Chips? – The Nova Guard Chip Protect


Nowadays, hygiene is the most important aspect if you would like to operate any kind of gambling establishments. Thus, you must keep clean all your equipment, the slots, the tables but even the smallest participants of the business. The cards and the chips. To solve this tiny but still significant issue, the Matsui group introduced antimicrobial casino chips which sanitize themselves.

If you follow the latest gambling news, you probably heard about Matsui Group. The Japanese company was founded by Takashi Matsui, in 1980. Since then they became one of the world’s biggest casino suppliers if we are talking about chips, accessories, or tables for casino games. Their headquarter is in Tokyo, however, they earned international success. By now, they have offices all around the globe. Over Tokyo, you can find Matsui establishments in Seoul, Shihwa, Macau, Osaka, Shizuoka, Moscow, Manchester, and Las Vegas. Today we will take a closer look at their latest invention, the antimicrobial casino chips.

What are antimicrobial casino chips exactly?

Basically, you won’t notice any difference between an antimicrobial and traditional casino chips. They look the same, they weight the same, even more, they smell the same. Also, they can serve with the same security features as any other Matsui chips. However, this will mean a huge innovation for the modern age. As hygiene is the most important aspect of a legal casino at this moment, these accessories will completely replace the old ones if the predictions are right. Antimicrobial casino chips will stay clean no matter what. The Nova Guard technology keeps everything sanitized, even if the object goes through many hands. So, with these, you don’t need a cleaning lady or a machine to take care of the chips which land in the house’s pocket. That means extra freedom and reduced expenses.

Antimicrobial Casino Chips

Antimicrobial chips look exactly like the traditional ones

Why the appearance of antimicrobial casino chips are important for operators?

As we mentioned above, there are financial reasons for the usage of this equipment. However, if you take a look at the bigger picture, these antimicrobial casino chips will also win the audience. Even more, in the long term, hygiene will be more and more important year by year. And at this very moment, it solves many problems of the operators. Since keeping chips and cards clean is probably the biggest challenge during the pandemic period. If the Nova Guard Chip Protect technology passes the trial, we can even expect that the usage of antimicrobial accessories will be obligatory.

Antimicrobial Casino Chips

It’s possible that in the near future, all chips will be replaced with more hygienic alternatives

Shigeki Machida, managing director of the firm also summarized what antimicrobial casino chips can mean to every operator who implements this new technology. He said: “Whilst the pandemic was moving rapidly from Asia to Europe and then to the Americas, we have seen and spoken with numerous casinos, which had started using their own methods of cleaning and sterilising chips from antiviral sprays to Ultraviolet Sterilizers. Although they may be a temporary solution, they do not come without risk of damaging the individual chip’s material strength but also changing the chip colours over prolonged use. Our Nova Guard Chip Protect chips will not require any such process, or carry that risk as the chips own active antimicrobial properties are an inbuilt protection to stop the spread of the virus.”

How the Nova Guard Chip Protect works?

The Nova Guard Chip Protect technology has been developed in specialized Japanese laboratories, to make sure that they will work in the practice as well. Basically, they add an antimicrobial material into the plastic of the casino chips during the production. However, at this moment it’s the trade secret what this “antimicrobial material” exactly is.

Antimicrobial Casino Chips

Antimicrobial accessories will make casino operators live way easier

How to get your own unique antimicrobial chips or jetons?

At this moment only the Matsui Asia is the only company which creates antimicrobial chips with the Nova Guard Chip Protect technology. Fortunately, they offer a broad variety of chips, jetons, decal chips, and plaques. (If you want to learn the differences just check out our gambling slang dictionary, where you can find every expression what a gambler needs.) Even more, they are offering unique chips to each customer. So if you want to upgrade your business with antimicrobial casino equipment, just contact Matsui for an offer.


This innovation brings casino chips to a brand new level

However, as a private, these innovative gadgets are unavailable at this moment. Also, it’s pretty expensive to create them. So, implementing these are only worthy if you run a business. Where you can save up plenty of time and money by having these antimicrobial casino chips. Also, it can make it way easier to pass the new health and safety rules.

In summary, antimicrobial casino chips are a great example of how the gambling industry keep abreast of the times. Both online and offline. Casino accessories with the Nova Guard Chip Protect technology will be available in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

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