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Hits’n Folds: March 7 – March 11



Hits – Online Gambling News

Chinese Lottery Might Soon be Serviced by Alibaba

Lottery in China

Hmmmm… Seems like a great plan. After I’m done buying uranium for my personal nuclear plant and getting the highly popular portable fat freezing machine (yes, you read correctly, it’s portable!!!), I can go ahead and play the lottery to win money and buy some more obscure items on Alibaba. I can even purchase a set of twins, no joke! Check this out on Business Insider. Read more…


Play Poker in China Despite Restrictions

Poker in China

Although China has gambling restrictions in place, you can now play Match Poker thanks to a loophole in the law. This is great news for all our Chinese players as it offers another gambling outlet besides neighboring Macau. I guess now, Macau will probably go bankrupt if they don’t find a way to attract new players. Read more…


Check Out the Gambling Guide for Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Gambling Guide

Damn! If I ever manage to save up enough money for a plane ticket, accommodation, food, drinks, gambling money, high-class escorts, “medicinal drugs” and other similar necessities, then for sure I’d like to check out this Gambling Guide for Las Vegas. But for now, I’ll satisfy myself with the good ol’ McDonald’s Big Mac – a sandwich that was warmed up in a microwave. Hey, it’s almost as good as having a prime steak that costs a few hundred bucks! Read more…


53% of Floridians Support Casino Gambling

Florida Gambling

Seems like people got tired of soaking in the sunshine, while waiting on their alligator barbeques to be done. I completely understand them; people need something that will bring joy and excitement to their lives, and that is gambling. There’s nothing better than watching those roulette numbers spin “right round, right round. When you go down, when you down, down…” (For all you people that are a little slow, that’s a direct line from Flo Rida’s song “Right Round.”) Read more…


Folds – Online Gambling News

There weren’t any News Folds last week, as we’ve been riddle with positive gambling news on all fronts.


Hits – Online Gambling Promotions

Wanna Hear Adele Sing Live for You? Join Casino Cruise!

Adele Concert Cruise Casino

She’ll “set fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeee to the rain” and to everything else if you miss this chance! Instead of looking at her and saying “Hello,” you be saying “Goodbye,” if you miss this chance! You’ll be “Rolling in the Deep” s**t if you miss this chance! You get the point, don’t you?? Here are a few more nevertheless (FYI, used my fancy word for the day): it can be “Someone Like You” or someone else, if you miss this chance! You can be the “One and Only,” so take action now and win tickets to her concert until March 26th! Read more…     Play Now!


$1 Million Up for Grabs with PokerStars Freeroll!

PokerStars Freeroll

“WOWOWIWA!!! Very nice, how much,” William Shakespeare once remarked when he spotted Eva Mendes in front of his penthouse feeding his three little pigs. (I think I’m mixing up a few very different elements.) Well, anyways, we’re hoping the $1 million PokerStars Freeroll will bring out the same feeling in you, minus the “how much” part, since all you have to do is join the most popular online poker site. Read more…     Play Now!


Folds – Online Gambling Promotions

Come on, just check out the Promotion Hits and you’ll see why there couldn’t be any Folds last week. You can win tickets to an Adele concert with Casino Cruise and also participate in PokerStars’ $1 Million Freeroll! So, how can this be bad???

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