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    Hits’n Folds: March 21 – March 25

    Hits – Online Gambling News PokerStars Returns to New Jersey Yippee Ki Yay poker fans! I’m as excited about this as Bruce Willis was in Die Hard whenever he reached for his machine gun, killing hundreds in the process but without ever catching a single bullet in return. This is how real poker fans in […]

  • Gambling Fun
    Hits’n Folds: March 7 – March 11

      Hits – Online Gambling News Chinese Lottery Might Soon be Serviced by Alibaba Hmmmm… Seems like a great plan. After I’m done buying uranium for my personal nuclear plant and getting the highly popular portable fat freezing machine (yes, you read correctly, it’s portable!!!), I can go ahead and play the lottery to win […]

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    Hits’n Folds: February 22-26, 2016

    Hits – Online Gambling News PokerStars and Full Tilt Fusion Means More Fun for Players No, we don’t mean nuclear fusion, we’re just using a fancy synonym for a merger. But to be fair, the fusion between them might as well be nuclear in metaphorical terms, as online poker players are set to enjoy a […]