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    Camelot H1 Sees Improvement in Lottery Sales

    The latest reports coming out of the UK have announced the Camelot H1 results, in which the operator saw improvement. The group are operators of the UK National Lottery and have announced year-on-year increases across the board in its H1 report. Let’s take a look.  Before we jump straight into it, feel free to browse […]

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    Gaming Realms Enjoy Increase in Revenue for H1

    Although several gambling firms and suppliers were upset looking at their half-year report, Gaming Realms will be more than satisfied with what they have accomplished so far. The supplier has seen their H1 total revenue for 2019 rise 18% year-on-year to £3.2m. Let’s take a look.  For further reference, you can take a look at […]

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    H1 Revenue Falls for XLMedia following Regulatory changes

    XLMedia are the latest gambling firm to have their H1 report published and now is the time to analyze how they fared. The company reported a revenue of $42.5m for H1, which attributes to a 10% decrease year-on-year. Following this poor figure, XLMedia have put the blame on regulatory changes in key markets globally. Let’s […]

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    Check out the GAN H1 Results Right Here

    In this report, we will be analyzing the GAN H1 results which have seen a rise in revenue by 145%, year-on-year. The figures for H1 2019 take the revenue up to £11.3m, with EBITDA of £3m, a 3% increase. Let’s take a look.  For further information on the various reports for Q2 and H1, visit […]

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    888 H1 Results are Up and Viewable Right Here

    In this report, we will be taking a look at the 888 H1 statistics as the company has fallen short since last year. It has been an interesting year so far as 888 Holdings have been quite brilliant in the UK market. Unfortunately for them, their overseas activities have not been up to match. Let’s […]

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    Q2 Results Look Bad for Finnish Gambling Firm Veikkaus

    The Q2 results for Veikkaus have left the Finnish gambling firm in a bit of a rut. The gambling company have pledged to improve of their results as gross gaming revenue fell 4% year-on-year to €844.3m, with a total profit of €501.4m, a 1% decrease. Let’s take a look at the figures in whole.  If […]

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    Spain Casinos Release Results for Q2

    The latest results coming out for Spain results in quite an optimistic Q2, with the country racking up a healthy profit in online gaming revenue. The figure for Q2 shoots online gaming revenue up 7% in year-on-year calculations. However, Spain’s Q2 also reported an online gross gaming revenue (GGR) drop of 8% from Q1 to […]

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    Mor Weizer Defends Playtech Net Profit Drop for H1

    Despite having a net profit drop for Playtech, CEO Mor Weizer opened up in a detailed interview to reveal that the company is satisfied with the results so far for H1. Revenue increase 69% to €736.1m in H1 2019, in-part explained by the success of its Snaitech acquisition. Let’s take a look.  At the latest […]

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    Here are the Sportech H1 Results

    The Sportech H1 results are finally out and boy do they look fascinating. Unfortunately for the company, their year-on-year in revenue reported a 2% drop to £32.6m for H1 2019, with a decrease in adjusted EBITDA of 13% to £3.4m. It certainly was an H1 to forget for Sportech. Let’s take a look.  If you […]

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    Snaitech Boost Playtech’s H1 Revenue

    In this report, we will be taking a look at how Snaitech were one of the primary reasons as to why Playtech had such a successful H1 revenue figure. Playtech reporte a 69% growth concerning year-on-year for H1 2019 taking their total to €736.1m. Let’s take a look.  If you take a look at the […]