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How to Make the Weekend Exciting? Play Powerball Online to Win $176m


One month has gone since Powerball Jackpot hit 1.3 billion. Apparently, the game is going crazy by offering $176 million so it’s time to play Powerball online. Be prepared and plan your strategy for spending at least the half of that incredible amount of money.

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Last month we have listed some tips from which you can pick ideas if it turns out that you are the lucky one. Now, we should have even bigger illusions and desires because Jackpot would treat someone with $176 million in the forthcoming weekend.

Being more charitable and less greedy, that amount of money would be enough to relieve starvation in Africa. Or in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies’ incurable diseases could be fixed. Besides the humanitarian aspect, choosing the sunny part of life and travelling around the globe could be also a good option. Staying in five star hotels or visiting luxurious shops to buy exclusive cigarettes, bottles of whiskey, cars, ties or watches would be quite affordable.

The current Powerball is the world’s biggest jackpot so if you were to win it, you could buy more than 300 Ferraris paying the sum in cash.

The winning numbers on the 10th of February were 2, 3, 40, 50, 62 and Powerball of 5. So we suggest that you should avoid this numbers. Create your own fate choosing your lucky numbers. For instance, I would always add 3 to my coupon. Well, I mean I would click on the number 3 since I don’t need to go to California to play Powerball. If you wonder how to play Powerball, we suggest you to create a free account at IceLotto or theLotter in a minute and start playing Powerball online. You don’t even need to change your pajamas.

 According to US online gambling news, many Americans traveled hundreds of miles last month in order to buy their tickets instead of simply turning on their computers. Actually, you can even play Powerball on mobile.

US gambling laws are tough. However, there is no strict regulation in terms of playing Powerball online. Anyone can play it legally through such online lotto sites as theLotter regardless of your location.

Don’t forget that you have 1 in 25 chance to win a prize. Odds are in your favor. Play Powerball online to not to miss the chance to win millions with the US online lottery.

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