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    Banks Will Help Problem Gamblers

    In this article, we’ll be looking at some stories from problem gamblers, and how banks could be the new saviour. Reported by the BBC, our story talks about how 2 banks in particular, Monzo and Starling, now have a new function. The main purpose is to block any transactions to bookmakers and keep all the […]

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    Take a Trip to Macau, China’s Vegas

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the global face’s new Vegas, i.e, Macau. So why is the former Portuguese territory getting so much acclaim. In the past several years, Macau had become a tourist attraction and also offered something mainland China didn’t. A casino. Along with Hong Kong, the two area’s both […]

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    Peterborough Casino is now Officially Open

    Opening a new casino creates opportunities. It is a massive gain in terms of revenue it generates, and jobs it opens. However, the new Peterborough Casino is going to be a real hit. In this article, we will be taking a look at what is to be expected from the new casino. Not only that […]

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    Swedish News Channel Fined For Gambling Link

    In this article, we’ll be stepping into the heated internet discussion concerning a Swedish news channel. The media outlet has received an $11,100 fine for refusing to remove links on its website. The online gambling site it was linking to lacked a Swedish operators licence. Let’s take a look.  If you’ve been following the latest […]

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    Could Problem Gambling Lead to New Rules?

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at why problem gambling could potentially lead to a blow to bookmakers. With high stake limits, there is always cause for issues arising. That is the case for many ministers, who are attempting to speed up the start of fixed odds betting terminal limits. Let’s take a […]

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    Could Gambling in Virginia be the Next Big Thing?

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the proposed question above. But is there truth in the saying? According to the news, big name casinos and slot machine makers are ready to make a push for Virginia’s General Assembly. So will gambling in Virginia become legal? Reporting on the matter was Ned Oliver, […]

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    Paddy Power Betfair Fined £2.2m by Gambling Commission

    In this article, we’ll be looking at how Paddy Power Betfair has recently been fined £2.2m by the Gambling Commission. This comes after they had failed to keep in accord with the “know your customer” details and didn’t keep up with customers who showed signs of problem gambling. But that’s not all. The five customers had […]

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    Here’s our Online Casino Guide for Beginners

    Starting a journey in the deep online gambling market can often seem tricky for beginners. You may feel lost by all the different online casinos or not get the hang of how bonuses and promotions work. But fear not. We’ve created our very own online casino guide to help you down the way. Let’s jump straight into […]

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    Who Killed Buster? The story of a Las Vegas Casino Dealer

    Interestingly, this article doesn’t involve any of the latest news which is circulating in the gambling world. Instead, we’ll be going back into the archives and exploring the fascinating story of “Buster”. Officially, his name is Peter Bufala, and he was working in MGM as a baccarat dealer back in the 70’s. His death came […]

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    Let’s go back to Phil Ivey’s Bust at the 2018 WSOP

    The 2018 World Series of Poker was quite a memorable one but perhaps a greater question is what happened to Phil Ivey. The poker-pro is one of the game’s best yet he failed to make a real impact on this year’s event. Unfortunately for him, Phil Ivey’s bust came at the hands of Brian Altman, […]