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23 South Koreans Arrested due to Illegal Online Gambling in Cambodia


The extent of illegal online gambling is increasing in Cambodia. More than 20 South Koreans were suspected over telecom scam by anti-terrorism police.

Police raided two villas in the outskirts of Cambodia and caught 23 people while proceeding illegal gambling operations. Wrongdoers were charged with accelerating illegal online gambling and all of them were sent to prison.

The defendants opened an illegal online gambling website in which they used voice over internet protocol – VoIP – technology. That method allowed them to use internet for telephone purposes instead of using analogue phone connection.

During the raid authorities have seized over 20 sets of computers and other devices which have been used for extorting money from victims in South Korea.

History repeats itself in terms of committing crime connected to illegal online gambling. In 2014 police arrested 15 South Koreans due to illegalities in terms of online football betting. All of their technical assets were seized due to their unlawful activity.

Online gambling in Cambodia is officially illegal under the 1996 Law on Suppression of Gambling. Lawbreakers can expect wide range of punishments from monetary fines to prison sentences.

Although online gambling in Cambodia is strictly prohibited, many people try to avoid regulations and fair game in order to get money.

Despite strict Cambodian online gambling laws, gambling is a popular pastime activity in Cambodia.  Non-gambling male citizens are often considered less masculine if they do not gamble.

Anyone caught is immediately investigated and detained by the country’s Intelligence Unit. In the past years, authorities arrested several groups of South Koreans, Chinese, Thais, Indonesians and Malaysians with charges of illegal gambling and telecom scams.

What we can learn from this story in terms of how not to gamble in Cambodia: the greater the prohibitions, the more the trespasses. Rational enactment in relation to gambling in Cambodia would affect favorably on this sensitive issue.

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