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    Illegal Gambling in Taiwan – 13 Individuals Have Been Arrested for Operating an Illicit Online Platform

    Image source: Gregg Tavares from Stanton, California, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Issues with online illegal gambling in Taiwan is an issue since the early 2010s. However, the authorities do whatever they can to stop these operations since running any of these businesses are strictly restricted in Taiwan. In early December 2020, the police […]

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    Police Acted Against Illegal Gambling in Tokyo

    It's not a surprise that Japanese authorities pay a lot of attention to land-based illegal gambling in Tokyo. Illegal gatherings hold a lot of risk during those difficult days of the global health crisis. The case that we will investigate happened in early December 2020, when the police arrested three individuals, among them Masayuki Miwa. The icing on the cake is that the 39-year-old Masayuki can also be related to Yamaguchi-gumi which is the island's biggest Yakuza organization.

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    Andhra Pradesh Gambling Laws – The Cabinet Banned Online Gambling

    Today we will take a look at the latest changes in the Andhra Pradesh gambling laws. The Cabinet's new restrictions regarding online gambling and many other mobile applications are mostly about the protection of children. By the way, anyone who dares to operate or play with online gaming platforms can expect a serious punishment. Years in jail.

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    Operation Arrowhorn: Police Raided Illegal Operators in Hong Kong Island

    Chinese police busted illegal operators in Hong Kong Island. The raid's reason was that the authorities noticed the emerge of illegal gambling dens as games centers closed to fight the pandemic. They visited 22 illegal institutions and arrested 153 people. The act's code was Arrowhorn. It was one of the most successful step-ups of the past years against illegal gaming in the region.

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    Illegal Gambling in Austria is Rising According to Finanzpolizei

    The authorities reported the rising of illegal gambling in Austria. Finanzpolizei (Austria's Financial Police) raided countless places where they suspected illegal gambling. Most of them were restaurants and bars or small arcades in urban areas. Let's take a look at the details of the latest measurements and the reasons behind the emerging of the black market. 

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    Gambling Donkey: The Outlaw (Bad) Ass of Pakistan

    The gambling donkey went viral on Twitter, as a Pakistani reporter shared a video of police measurements. They were raiding a gambling cartel who was gaming on the streets. It's still not clear what was the role of the donkey in the cartel, but we can be sure that he has participated in the real crime as his name is also on the police's report.

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    Police Started a War Against Illegal Online Casinos to Protect Philippines Gambling Laws

    Gambling in the Philippines has always been problematic. Now, Philippines Gambling Laws let licensed and a few regulated offshore firms to continue their activity. However, there are still a lot of illegal organizations. Thus, the police started a war against outlaw gambling institutions and operators. Both landbased and online casinos have to pay the taxes properly and follow international gambling standards, no excuse. Let's take a closer look at the latest measurements!

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    23 South Koreans Arrested due to Illegal Online Gambling in Cambodia

    The extent of illegal online gambling is increasing in Cambodia. More than 20 South Koreans were suspected over telecom scam by anti-terrorism police. Police raided two villas in the outskirts of Cambodia and caught 23 people while proceeding illegal gambling operations. Wrongdoers were charged with accelerating illegal online gambling and all of them were sent to […]