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Biggest Bingo Halls in the World

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As the evergreen bingo’s popularity is sky-rocketing, we collect you the biggest bingo halls in the world. You can find the biggest bingo parole of the US and Europe and the best online operators. Since online bingo halls are accessible for everyone, not just a distant attraction. Let’s take a closer look together!

Nowadays, bingo became more than a form of gambling. According to the bingo fun facts, it’s one of the most popular past time activity in the US. Even more, its stress-relieving effect has also been proven.

Biggest Bingo Halls in the World: Introduction

As there are a whole different bingo culture and bingo history in the United Kingdom and in the United States, we must also inspect the biggest bingo halls separately in these regions. You can learn more about the differences between UK vs US Bingo in our previous article if you would are interested.

By the way, if we are talking about bingo halls only (I mean institutions which are not part of a casino) your best chance to find the biggest bingo paroles in the UK, since in the US bingo only permitted in licensed casinos. If these definitions seem blurry, just check out our gambling slang dictionary, to understand every expression related to bingo or any different forms of gambling.

The Biggest Bingo Halls in the US

Foxwood Casino, Leyard, Connecticut

You probably heard about Foxwood Casino already. It’s not just the biggest casino in the world but it includes the biggest bingo hall in the world. To earn this title they make 3600 seats available for the venturers and this amazing bingo-complex gives place to two bingo sessions each day. The institution owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and also has two hotel towers which provide the visitors more than 2000 rooms. Every Native American Casino is unique and has many unexpected features. If you have the option to visit one, don’t miss the opportunity!

Biggest Bingo Halls

The Foxwood Casino – Image source: Folks at 137 at the English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The Biggest Bingo Halls in Europe

Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood

The Beacon Bingo is run by the Merkur International. This bingo company is founded in 1963 by Jimmy Thomas. The first time their club opened was in 1966, and since then it’s continuously operating as one of the world’s most successful bingo event organizers. From the 70s through the 90s Beacon Bingo was a cultic participant of the developing British bingo culture. The Beacon Bingo Club in Cricklewood only opened in 1995. With its nearly 3000 seats, it has beaten many world records. And still, it is considered as the biggest bingo hall in Europe.

Biggest Bingo Halls

The entrance of Beacon Bingo – Image source:  Jaggery by Creative Commons Licence via The Geograph

The Best Bingo Halls Online

In the age of the Internet, most of the bingo players favor online bingo sites over the land-based version. Thus, we give you a few tips where you can safely gamble in your country. In the United States, your best choice is CyberBingo. While in the United Kingdom Betway’s online bingo hall is probably the most played and loved option. You can learn more about this site in our Betway Bingo Review.

However, the licensed bingo operators can be very different in each country. If you would like to find out more about the local options, check out our bingo casino reviews. Or just give a shot to one of the most popular bingo sites and…

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If you would like to be aware of the latest gambling news, stay tuned with GamblingHerald. All the important actualities, the entertaining facts about the world of venturing. The ultimate gambling guide for winners…

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