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Why Texas Hold’em is my Favorite Game


In casinos, it is often difficult to pick out a favourite game. This is partly because of how some people love the simplicity of slot machine games. Another popular one, is the joy of hitting your lucky number on a roulette table. What’s more, is the structure of Blackjack. The game can almost guaranty cash back if you are a whiz kid in counting cards. However, none of them shares the excitement for me as Texas Hold’em. 

What Texas Hold’em really signifies is the opponent. Now, in the game mentioned above, the main enemy is the house. The house is the casino. Because Texas Hold’em is a variation of a poker game, you come up against other players. Not only that, but there are many ways to win.

The Excitement in Texas Hold’em

Usually, Texas Hold’em is in a separate room in a casino, away from all other tables or machines. Yes, you will pay your stake, with a percentage going to the house, but from there on, you’re up against other players. Players you can outsmart, outclass and even take to the cleaning.

This is because is this poker game, you will have to keep your wits about you, and never show face. When receiving a good hand, it is important to remember not to blow your chance. Giving off a huge smile will potentially damage your chances of a max payout. Keeping a straight ‘poker face’, will enable you to play your hand until the 5th street, also known as ‘the river.’

Playing Texas Hold’em, in my opinion, is a game that really draws out the best of you. Some may claim that there is an element of talent behind it, however, I believe that it’s all about understanding the situation. Believe me, I’ve had my share of irrational decisions, which have made me lose many hands before.

What is important to remember is the position. In some circumstances, your sitting position can give you the upper hand. Another challenge is knowing when to battle with yourself to make the right decision. How I call it, is knowing when to ‘hold your balls.’

This can be seen in a game when you fold because you didn’t have the courage to call a player. This has happened to me many times, and I’ve seen that player win the round with weaker cards then me but a big bluff.

Variations to Texas Hold’em

Now, when I’m not in a casino, I sometimes do go to some online casinos and play my luck over there. Although many of the systems are top notch, I have to say I miss the excitement of sitting in a poker room.

To soak up the tension in the room, whilst trying to get a read of a players hand in his body language, just is the cherry on the top. Take a look at the final hand of the WSOP Main Event, in which John Cynn made his fortune.

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