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All you need to know about Gambling in South Africa


First of all, let’s give you a general picture of what ‘gambling in South Africa’ means. The certainly does have a fair share of casinos, with over 40 in total. However, this does not make them reluctant to ban online gambling. So why would they permit land-based gambling at not allow online gambling? Let’s find out all the main criteria. 

Now, we all know how gambling online could be classified as the easiest. Mainly because, online slots, roulette, blackjack or poker could be accessible even in the comfort of your own home. However, gambling in South Africa could bring about different questions. These questions could be directed at the people, yet also at the government. Let’s take a look.

Do’s and Don’ts for Gambling in South Africa

The main confusion firstly comes from the government, who forbid gambling online but have no problem in taking home the tax revenues of traditional gambling. Might I add, the land-based gambling casinos are some of the most attractive in the world. Just take a look below at the Kitsch Casino.

gambling in south africa

So it begs the question, ‘why make online gambling illegal?’ According to the government officials, it is said that online gambling is a steeper road to addiction, hence, gambling in casinos doesn’t claim as many casualties. This remains to be tested but the government hold a strong stance against illegal gambling.

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Now, we will take a look at some of the words said by Rob Davies, the Trade and Industry Minister, after the government warned the public of online gambling in South Africa.

“The National Gambling Board is the national regulator in the gambling industry in South Africa and in terms of Section 16 of the National Gambling Act, 2004 is obliged to investigate the circumstances of illegal gambling activities including illegal online gambling.

“Upon determination of such illegal gambling activity, it applies to the high court for an order declaring that the unlawful winnings be forfeited to the state.”

Why the Government are so Tough on the Online Market

Just last year, it was understood that several people in Cape Town were found out by the police. These players had been involved in illegal online gambling and were ordered to pay £55,000 in fines. The players charged with such fines were said to have won a total of £70,000 in sports betting and online casino games.

Another negative impact is how South Africa believe that online gambling sites could stir up racial problems. Keep in mind, that the country has only recently developed from such negative issues. Could they risk it all again for allowing online gambling in South Africa?

In the UK, it was understood that 17 casinos were spoken to by the government because of their lack of awareness of money laundering.

Now, to understand, money laundering is pretty much like cleaning illegal money. And where better to do it than a casino?

For the most part, when you decide to visit South Africa, stay away from any online business and keep your feet down to the ground. The country has some of the most beautiful casinos to offer.

Although you won’t be able to enjoy any online casinos, we’re pretty sure your eyes will be in awe of all the land-based beauties.


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