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    Hits n Folds: September 19 – 23

    Hits – Online Gambling News Is Bitcoin as Tangible as Real Currency? (Image credit: Crypto Scene) The answer to that question is an obvious ‘NO.’ But it’s definitely real – despite it being virtual currency – according to US Federal Judge Alison Nathan. ‘I told you homeboy u can’t touch this!’ should be the slogan […]

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    Hits n Folds: September 12 – September 16

    Hits – Online Gambling News Online Gambling Revenues Set to Hit $1 Trillion by 2021 (Image credit: Wareable) Projections indicate that ten years from now, SORRY, I meant five years from now (need to get my math in order) we will see online gambling revenues reach an astonishing $1 trillion in revenues. In addition to […]

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    Hits n Folds: September 5 – September 9

    Play now! Hits – Online Gambling News Macau Unveils Yet Another Casino: The Parisien (Image credit: Macau Casinos) We here at Gambling Herald are firm believers in ‘The more, the merrier!’ And so it seems that Macau is following the same principle, as they have just added another 150 gambling tables to their stable with […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 29 – September 2

    Hits – Online Gambling News PokerStars Celebrity Duel Brought Together a Whole Host of Stars World famous football stars Ronaldo and Neymar once again went head to head, only this time they battled it out at the poker tables, instead of on a football pitch. Besides the Portuguese and the Brazilian, many other celebrities including […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 22 – August 26

    Hits – Online Gambling News Donald Trump Nearly Went out of Business After one Japanese High Roller Visited to His Casino (Image credit: GNN Liberia) Not only would I love to see this guy run out of business (although, realistically, he never will), I would actually pay money to see him drop out of the […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 15 – August 19

    Hits – Online Gambling News We Commemorated World Photo Day 2016 with Some Stunning Gambling Pics! Every year on August 19, gamblers and other individuals alike, celebrate the popular World Photo Day. We, at Gambling Herald, took it upon ourselves to present a list of the most awesome gambling pics in the world on this […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 1 – August 5

    Hits – Online Gambling News Can I Gamble on the Rio Olympics in Las Vegas? The Answer is Yes! If you happen to be an American with a capital A, and you want to place a few wagers on the Games in Rio, then all you have you have to do buy a plane ticket […]

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    Hits n Folds: July 25 – July 29

    Hits – Online Gambling News Play Poker with Celebs to Save the World (Image credit: Pokerianos) If you can cough up $110,000, then you’ll have a chance to sit down at the same table as Edward Norton and Jonah Hill where you’ll engage in some high-stakes poker, where you’ll most likely be expected to wagers […]

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    Hits n Folds: July 18 – July 22

    Hits – Online Gambling News No More Online Gambling in Poland (Certain Sites at Least) Yakshemash! Oh sorry, that’s Kazakh. Czesc (hello) my friends! I’m sorry to inform you but if you’re a resident in Poland you won’t be able to play certain online casinos any longer, after government officials decided to pass a bill […]

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    Hits n Folds: July 11 – July 15

    Hits – Online Gambling News Russia’s Media Agency Threatens Unregulated Online Casino Russia is taking swift action in removing all unregulated online gambling sites from its virtual sphere. The country’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor (aka Federal Services for Supervision in the Sphere for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications) has already […]