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Hits n Folds: August 22 – August 26


Hits – Online Gambling News

Donald Trump Nearly Went out of Business After one Japanese High Roller Visited to His Casino

Donald Trump

(Image credit: GNN Liberia)

Not only would I love to see this guy run out of business (although, realistically, he never will), I would actually pay money to see him drop out of the Presidential race. Although, I’m not an American citizen, I, nonetheless, fear for my very own safety, should ‘The Donald’ become the next US President. I’m guessing I would be seeing drones hovering above my head 24/7, instructing me to visit one of his ‘distinguished’ hotels and casinos to ‘make benefit glorious nation of USA’… and increase his personal wealth, more importantly! Check out how Japanese billionaire Aiko Kashiwagi nearly saw ‘The Donald’ go from the penthouse suite to a man that had almost nothing to eat! (You like my little rhyme there?) Read more…

Why Can’t Monaco Residents (Bill/Millionaires) Gamble in Their Own Casinos?

Monaco Locals Cannot Gamble

(Image credit: Photobucket – Esphadaphil)

I mean come on…. that’s totally unfair! What are the poor souls going to do with all their untaxed money? What are they going to do for entertainment? Let’s be realistic here, if you’re a multi-whatever, you can’t be expected to go shopping for luxury items on a daily basis! That’s just inhumane! Someone, please call UNHCR! There are thousands of people trapped on this tiny piece of land, and they’re not allowed to gamble their millions! They’re ‘hungry’ for some action at the tables! Seriously, once you’ve collected every Ferrari model there is from 1960 until the present day, you’re probably thinking of gambling some of your hard-earned cash on the wheels at the casino. Otherwise, what’s the point right? Someone ought to replace that Albert with a more sensible man who actually cares about millionaires and their gambling habits in the Principality! Read more…

Folds – Online Gambling News

Chinese Government Says ‘No’ to Bitcoin Advertising

China Bitcoin Advertising Ban

(Image credit: Tab Trader)

We can see the stock market going down a few points as a direct result of this in the near future… this is a disaster. Insiders from the industry even report that Chinese residents will instead look for gambling solutions (sounds so fancy, doesn’t it??) in Macau due to the ever-changing gambling landscape in mainland China. Wait a minute! They’re already going to Macau to gamble. They’ve been doing for ages! Guess, I need to update my knowledge on gambling tendencies in China. Oh crap! Forgot I was supposed to talk about the ban on Bitcoin advertising in China. Well, that’s why you can click on the ‘Read more…’ button for more info on that matter! Read more…

Hits – Online Gambling Promotions

Play Spin and Go on and Go Go Go on a Holiday with PokerStars!

PokerStars Spin n Go

Bet big to win big – that’s how it goes at the world’s biggest online poker site, PokerStars! Win an amazing holiday package by playing some of the best poker tourneys in the business, while also scooping your usual rewards on the side as an added bonus. So, if you want to experience something different from your everyday life, then play join in on the fun. But if you’d rather continue your everyday routine, then go head and continue making those small bets in the hopes of landing a jackpot that actually never comes…(Check out PokerStars Review for more info about the online poker site.) Experience the high-life with the awesome Spin and Go tournament, but make sure to opt-in before October 9! Play now!     Read more…

Scoop Thousands in Prize Money and Tickets to Bestival with Mr Green Casino

Mr Green Casino Bestival

Enjoy some amazing indie music live with Mr Green Casino’s Bestival Promo! All you have to do is have fun with the select slot games and you’ll receive 2 VIP tickets to the indie festival! But that’s not all! There are tons to be won with the different cash tournaments and promos, with some of them running until 5th of September, so go ahead and hurry up to get the most out of this deal! Medieval Money promo alone can see you win a share of €15,000 from the prize pot! (For more info about the online casino, check out Gambling Herald’s Mr Green Casino Review.) If the chance to go to the Bestival and prize pot of thousands doesn’t convince you, then we don’t know what else to say to you…  Play now!     Read more…

Earn Loads of Free Spins with Kaboo Casino’s ‘Rogue Assault’ Promo

Kaboo Casino Rogue Assault

How does 50 Free Spins sound to you? And what about more than 600 games to play with? Well, that’s what you can get if you play Kaboo Casino until September 25! Merge the 50 Free Spins together with the massive number of games, and you’ll be looking at the next millionaire when you look into the mirror! Well, actually you won’t, but you’ll definitely be richer than before, so try out the ‘Rogue Assault.’ (Take a look at Gambling Herald’s Kaboo Casino Review for more info about the online casino.) Just don’t get confused by the word ‘Echo,’ this translates to Free Spins, it’s just that Kaboo Casino wanted to stick close to their ‘space exploration theme’ and instead have renamed them ‘Echoes’ to serve your liking. Play now!     Read more…

Folds – Online Gambling Promotions

Yaaaay! We didn’t have any bad promos last week! Join us next week, for more great offers from the best online casinos in the industry!

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