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Fake Barbara Streisand and Donald Trump Duet is a Humorous Way to Assess Presidential Election Betting Odds


Barbara Streisand and Donald Trump duet is a humorous way to look into the presidential election betting odds as the bettors need to decide which side will win despite the both parties claim their inevitable triumph. Well, there will be only one winner, after all.

According to latest online gambling news, Barbara Streisand visited Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Probably, the audience didn’t expect a duet between Barbara Streisand and Donald Trump prior to the show. However, Jimmy Fallon appeared as Donald Trump to sing a song with the pop music legend Barbara Streisand.

The reason we are talking about this duet is that it shows how the world is actually focused on the upcoming United States Presidential Election. All the jokes and serious discussion have the same common topic nowadays. And the gambling world is dwelling on the same issue, naturally.

Presidential Election betting odds tend to change depending on the latest polls and the gaffs and statements of the two standing candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In other words, the characteristics of the candidates not only influence the content of the jokes about them but also the betting odds.

The duet between the fake Donald Trump and Barbara Streisand criticized the unreachable ego of Trump in a humorous way. Donald Trump poked Streisand saying that “You’re really great singer, but I am fantastic. I sing all the best words. Any wall you can build I can build taller, I can build any wall taller than you.” And he continued singing “I can build casinos and deport Latinos.”

In return Barbara Streisand sang “[Hillary Clinton] is going to win huuuuuugeeee.” Of course this is just a joke but it is better not to underestimate the fact that humor is presented in a way to show the points of view in the society. Let’s watch the duet between Donald Trump and Barbara Streisand first:

Now it is time to check the latest United States Presidential Election odds offered by the top online betting sites. If you are not interested in betting on politics, you always have the option to check the best online casinos in the United States to enjoy the popular table games and online slot games in your country.

Barbara Streisand and Donald Trump Duet Reflects the Point of View of Online Sportsbooks

Barbara Streisand and Donald Trump duet is like a perfect representation of the top online sportsbooks’ point of view. Almost all major online betting sites are favoring Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. They seem to agree with Barbara Streisand.

According to popular European online betting site bet365, Clinton’s odds to move to the White House once again are 1.25 while Trump’s chance for being the new resident of the building are 4.00. Click here to bet on the United States Presidential Election at bet365!

Another famous European online Sportsbook BetVictor favors Clinton with the odds 1.25. Trump’s odds to win a triumph over Clinton are 3.75. Click here to bet on the United States Presidential Election at BetVictor!

You can also bet on the US Presidential Election online in the United States of America. One of the best US online casinos and sportsbooks Bovada offers bets on the Election 2016. Bovada also suggests that Clinton has the upper hand in the Election as her odds to win the race are -400 (1.25). Trump’s odds to win against Clinton are +300 (4.00). In order to bet on the Presidential Election in the United States, click here and register at Bovada Sportsbook & Casino!

Whole world is concentrated on the US Presidential Election 2016. You can be a part of this major political event simply betting on your favorite candidate online. It is time to find yourself in a win-win situation if your favorite candidate wins the election while you scoop a huge prize as a result of your bet.

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