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    ASA Ban Two 32Red Online Adverts for Appealing to Children

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have just banned two adverts for 32Red after finding that those online ads were appealing to children. The two adverts were both appearing regularly when people used popular search engine Google for “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Let’s take a look. If you take a look at the latest online gambling […]

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    Committee of MPs Push for Loot Box Ban

    The latest from the United Kingdom reports that a group of MPs are calling for loot boxes to be banned. This comes after much speculation that children are attracted to these in-game purchase boxes and this should not be regulated by gambling laws. Let’s take a look.  To sum it up, loot boxes are in-game […]

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    Look at what the AgedChecked CEO had to say about the Gambling industry

    In this report, we will be taking a look at what the AgedChecked CEO, Alastair Graham, had to say about the problems which gambling operators face in the UK because of the relentless criticism and media scrutiny facing the industry. Graham specializes in the field of age verification and began working more closely with gaming […]

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    The NHS will launch the first Gambling Clinic for Children

    The latest reports in the UK suggest that the NHS will set up the very first gambling clinic in order to help children who are battling with gambling addiction. The plan is to have the whole system set up by the end of the year. This should be an organization that will help and offer […]

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    Get to Know the Stanley Ho Children

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Stanley Ho legacy and what the entrepreneur will be leaving the gambling world with. Of the 17 Stanley Ho children, the big question remains to be answered, who will be his next great successor? Let’s take a look at who are candidates and the legacy […]

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    China to ban video games with gambling content

    You heard that right. China wants to ban any form of gambling in video games, including games like Poker and Mah-jong and any sort of “loot boxes” that simulate a lottery style winning system.  The Chinese government thinks video games should promote more positive Chinese values and culture, let’s take a look at it. If […]

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    5 online gambling operators have broken UK regulations on gambling ads targeting

    In today’s story, the UKs advertising watchdog caught 5 online gambling operators who broke the law on gambling ads targeting children. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) monitors websites popular with children and reported a total of 151 instances were gambling ads popped up. Let’s read on. If you follow the latest online gambling news, you’ll find […]

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    Gambling Adverts will be Banned from Child-friendly sites and games in the UK

    In the UK, there’s been new rules called into action following the amount of gambling adverts which were exposed to children. Many kids were viewing these ads on children-friendly gaming sites, and the government will be looking to make changes to this irresponsible way of promoting. Will the new system prevent under-18’s from being so […]

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    Bishop in the UK Explains his Fury at Children Gambling

    In today’s story, we have heard that Dr Alan Smith, the bishop of St Albans, has spoken of his fury in today’s society. With children gambling as well as many adults also falling into the trap of addiction, it’s not all that difficult to see why. Let’s take a look at it. If you follow […]