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The NHS will launch the first Gambling Clinic for Children


The latest reports in the UK suggest that the NHS will set up the very first gambling clinic in order to help children who are battling with gambling addiction. The plan is to have the whole system set up by the end of the year. This should be an organization that will help and offer support to those vulnerable to developing gambling addictions. Let’s take a look.

If you check out the latest online gambling news, you’ll find that this story comes as little surprise. Last year, in November, the Gambling Commission UK stated that an approximate number of 55,000 children between the ages of 11-16 were gambling addicts. You can find the whole story by clicking on the link.

Will a Gambling Clinic Solve the UK’s Problems?

One face-to-face NHS treatment in London had been available previously. Now, the NHS is setting up 14 clinics which are yet to be opened. This is all part of England’s “Long Term Plan”. The first is said to open in Leeds this summer.

As for the already open National Problem Gambling Clinic in London, it has been said that the organization will step up its efforts and offer more help to people aged between 13-25.

Last week, several high-profile gambling operators have announced that they plan to increase their donations to help those who have a gambling problem within the next 5 years.

Simon Stevens, the NHS England CEO, has since stated the following:

“This action shows just how seriously the NHS takes the threat of gambling addiction, even in young people, but we need to be clear – tackling mental ill health caused by addiction is everyone’s responsibility.”

Do you think that by setting up a gambling clinic for problem gamblers, the NHS will really be doing enough to help cleanse up England’s woes?

I think that this has been long over-due and that when the NHS does set up these clinics, they must control the situation and make sure that they are actually meeting the requirements to help people kick the addiction. Let me know if you agree in the comment section below.

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