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Crown Casino May Face Workers Strike After Negotiations


Currently, there are ongoing negotiations between the employees at Crown Casino and the gambling firm executives. The workers believe that the operator is not meeting their demands of a 5% pay rise on an annual basis. Let’s take a look.

This would be the second casino in the space of two weeks which may be looking at a strike. It was initially announced that SkyCity Casino, based in New Zealand, was challenged by employees who were striking with more joining the protest each day. It is currently the biggest strike in New Zealand ever. You can read up more about that at the latest online gambling news

Crown Casino Workers Threaten to Strike

The labor union representing the workers, United Voice, have said that workers will be left with no choice but to go on strike due to the negotiations have no concrete direction. Basically, they are not going anywhere. 

According to the report, the employees could go on strike for 24 hours and not serve alcoholic beverages and, to add salt to the wounds, may even demonstrate their dissent by wearing union badges. 

This would do no good for the gambling-house, which employs over 7,000 workers. 

Although the casino management did offer a 2.5% increase to the annual pay rise, the workers union rejected that offer. 

This problem for Crown Casino is very similar to that of SkyCity Casino, as both are facing strikes depending on salaries. What is for sure, is that these publicity stunts will do no good for both gambling firms as they are attracting attention for the wrong reasons. 

The following question is what will come of these strikes? Will the gambling firms ease up and reward the workers with higher salaries and more benefits? Will the employees lose their jobs all-together by the gambling operator? Only time will tell. We will be keeping a close eye on the matter at the latest online gambling news. So, keep in touch with our main site and we will see how the following circumstances unfold.

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