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    Gambling and Buddhism: the Mysterious Relationship

    What is the connection between gambling and Buddhism? Generally nothing, really. However, if you asked that Buddhist monk who stole the Lafayette temple’s money to fund his gambling activity, you would discover new dimensions in this irregular connection. The most peculiar – and at one point the funniest –  news of this week was definitely […]

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    Renamed Wynn Everett Casino Project Will Be Finished by 2019

    As a response to legal offenses, the casino mogul Steve Wynn changed the name of the Wynn Everett Casino project to Wynn Boston Harbor casino project. The owner also established his determination regarding the outcome of the business, which will be greater than expected. During a press conference held on Tuesday, the chairman of the casino clarified his intentions […]

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    Will Amaya Gaming Go Private?

    Amaya Gaming’s shares have increased nearly 30% after the chairman of the company –  David Baazov – announced that he wants to take the business private in an all-cash $2.8-billion deal. According to Baazov’s statement released on Monday, in which he said, he is “in discussions” with an unnamed group of investors, with whom he intends […]

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    Donald Trump’s Broken Dream on Gambling in Florida

    Since Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for President of the United States for 2016, his has often engaged in heated debates with Jeb Bush regarding gambling in Florida. The Debate Trump, the Republican front runner, denied that he wants to encourage gambling in Florida, while Jeb Bush, who is a well-known anti-gambling man since his […]

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    Macau Gaming Revenue at a Shocking 5-Year-Low

    By the end of 2015, Macau Gaming Revenue fell to a new annual low in 5 years according to Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. The only place on Chinese territory where gambling is legal, Macau quickly became the Vegas of the East, attracting rich guests from all over the world until the Chinese authorities finally caught up to speed. […]

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    Ten Celebrity Gamblers You Didn’t Know About

    The number of celebrities, starting from famous athletes to award-winning actors involved in the gambling world is striking. While some of them have a good control on their gambling habit, others impulsively spend millions of dollars to satisfy their addiction. While some are regular winners, others lose hundreds of thousands of the money that they […]

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    Online Bingo Guide for Beginners

    Online bingo has started during the mid-nineties and been flourishing ever since. There are many sites all over the internet that offer you a varied range of options to play bingo. Bingo is a very simple game with very few rules, but that does not spoil you the fun. You do not need to brainstorm […]