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Take a look at the Big Bluff by Ryan Leng


In this story, we will be taking a look at what one hand for Ryan Leng could pull off one of the best types of bluffs possible. In poker, there are many different ways of making the most of a specific situation in a game. This could be true for the hand with one-time WSOP winner Leng. Let’s take a look.

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Big Bluff Hand by Ryan Leng

On a flop of 6 of diamonds, 3 of diamonds and 4 of spades, Ryan Leng was sitting against his opponent with a pot of $22,000 USD. Afterwards, Leng check-raised his opponent 7,100 to 35,000 as his opponent called.

The 5 of diamonds came on the turn and Leng announced in no-time that he was all-in. Ryan Leng had approximately 153,000 behind him as his opponent had slightly less. His opponent muttered something underneath his voice which we can make out to be “any other card” before he through his hand away.

Ryan Leng was almost about to let the hand slip and get away, but his neighbor was begging him to show his hand. Eventually, Leng obliged and showed his cards of Ace of hearts and Queen of diamonds. He won that round with an Ace-high.

That was a brilliant type of bluff by Ryan Leng which convinced everybody that he should not be that on top.

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