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Casinos to Reopen in England on the 1st of August


Finally, we got a date when casinos to reopen in England after the long anticipation. The date is the 1st of August when the UK Government will ease most of the current restrictions. However, as the statistics show, this isn’t the end of the disaster. Still, if casinos can’t reopen their gates, most of them simply have to stop operations and this puts thousands of people’s jobs at risk.

If you followed the latest gambling news, you probably were aware of the biggest dilemma of the UK gambling industry. Everyone continuously asked, when will casinos reopen in the UK? But there weren’t any sensible answers.

Casinos to Reopen in England after all the restaurants, pubs, cinemas, etc.

Most of the involved businesses were shocked by the government’s decision. Since they didn’t agree with that they didn’t let casinos to reopen in England with the other mentioned institutions. Even more, bingo events resumed earlier than casinos could do any operations.

Now next to countless new measurements, finally, Boris Johnson let casinos to reopen their gates in front of the long-forgotten venturers.

Still, this isn’t the end of the story as Scotland and Wales are still have to follow the strict regulations. While they are also expected, that they can reopen until the middle of July, they still didn’t receive an exact date.

In Summary, even if, casinos to reopen in England on the 1st of August, there are a lot of challenges in front of us. Operators must follow super strict health and safety rules and even if they can continue that doesn’t mean that they are out of the economic disaster. Since an opened door doesn’t mean punters at the table. This will be a long journey until the total recovery and we are all rooting for the UK, to make the correct decisions the correct time.

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