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When Will Casinos Reopen in the UK?

The Hippodrome Casino, London – Image source: Visions of Domino / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Most of the countries let casinos continue their operations but it still not announced when will casinos reopen in the UK. While everyone expected that the land-based gambling institutions can welcome punters when restaurants, hotels, and other parts of the hospitality industry, the UK authorities still didn’t give an exact date. In response, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) expressed their disappointment. Let’s take a closer look together!

By reading the latest gambling news, you learned that finally, the land-based gambling industry can see the light at the end of the tunnel after these difficult months. Even if some operators faced difficulties like the betting shops in Ireland, at the end of the day they could continue their work. Anyhow, there is a controversial case in Great Britan. Since the UK government still hiding from the question, when will casinos reopen in the UK?

Of course, life isn’t the same in the casinos as before. Only the biggest and most trustworthy dream factories got permission to reopen their gates all around the globe. Or, we can say, the ones which generate enough tax to the state… That’s why BGC’s casinos can’t get why Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t let them continue while betting shops and bingo halls could reopen.

Is there a reason behind the delay of BGC’s casinos reopen in the UK?

Michael Dugher, BGC’s CEO described the delayed casinos reopen in the UK in a very simple way. “…inconsistent and frankly nonsensical…”. Betting shops in the UK Could reopen on the 15th of June. Also, most of the hospitality and leisure businesses could reopen with cinemas, restaurants, pubs, museums, cafés, and bingo halls on the 4th in July. But what about casinos reopen in the UK? And mostly, what about BGC’s casinos, which are considered as trustworthy and government-friendly institutions.

Casinos Reopen in the UK

It seems Boric Johnson doesn’t want to support the UK Gambling industry anymore – Image source: Flickr

Will BGC’s message reach its aim?

The land-based casino industry in the UK contributes around £5,7 million ($7,1 million) to the treasury each week in tax. These numbers are enough reason to query the UK Government’s point of view. On the other hand, Dugher of BGC also highlighted, that they made in their casinos all the necessary safety measurements, to protect punters from any harm.

This week we will receive further information from the authorities about the planned date when casinos can reopen in the UK. We hope the best. We hope that they won’t forget totally the UK casino industry and its important economic contribution. If casinos won’t be able to reopen in July, we can be sure, that there are political and ideological views behind the government’s decision.

In summary, we can expect difficult times for UK Gambling in the upcoming year. Based on the government’s behavior, it seems, they don’t want to support casinos at all. Neither online nor offline. Thus, even casinos will reopen in the UK later this month, we can be sure that further regulations are on the table. By the way, these decisions are pretty controversial. Since these strict measurements easily can lead problem gamblers to illegal offshore gaming firms.

Anyhow, even if casino gambling won’t be as simple as it was, it seems bingo in 2020 lives its renaissance. So, even if casinos won’t reopen in the UK just yet, you should give a chance to bingo halls. Or, if you don’t want to leave the comfort and safety of your home check out the Betway Bingo review, to learn more about online bingo facilities. By the way, if you want to stick with the online casino games just…

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