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    Delayed Casino Reopening in the UK

    Casino Reopening in the UK seems way more complicated than we thought for the first time. This cause a huge disappointment to the operators in England. No one really knows when Prime Minister Boris Johnson will truly give the green light to land-based gambling. However, the earliest date is the 15th of August. Let's take a closer look together which is the most realistic scenario for the upcoming month regarding the region's dream factories!

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    Casinos to Reopen in England on the 1st of August

    Finally, we got a date when casinos to reopen in England after the long anticipation. The date is the 1st of August, when the UK Government will ease most of the current restrictions. However, as the statistics show this isn't the end of the disaster. Still, if casinos cant reopen their gates, most of them simply have to stop operations and this puts thousands of people's jobs at risk.