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Bitcoin Gambling Quotes of April Suggest a Hike in Cryptocurrency Value


Bitcoin gambling quotes of April has indicated a tendency towards a huge hike in cryptocurrency value. Especially Japan’s decision to recognize bitcoin as a legal payment method has helped the famous digital currency to gain value immensely during the first quarter of April.

Bitcoin gambling quotes uttered by the latest online gambling news suggest that investing on bitcoin is not a bad idea at all. The market value of bitcoin has risen over $1200 over the last week. Current bitcoin value at the time of writing this article is $1214. Japan’s decision to accept bitcoin as a legal payment method constituted the main catalyst of the value hike.

Bitcoin gambling quotes from IBS Intelligence suggest that “the cryptocurrency began April just under $1,070, but the early hours of Monday saw trading push it above $1,100.” By Thursday night the bitcoin value reached over the $1,200 mark.

Actually, the news about bitcoin regulation in Japan started being more audible in spring 2016.  Since then Japan invested a lot in bitcoin. They even created such characters as BitGirls to rebrand and market the cryptocurrency.

Regulatory Challenges Surrounding Legalization of Bitcoin

Some bitcoin gambling quotes featured in the latest online gambling news magazines suggest that there are serious challenges which may obstruct bitcoin’s world-wide acceptance. Japan has decided to accept bitcoin as a legal payment method. However, they have a vital condition to pass this law: bitcoin has to comply with the anti-money-laundering laws.

As a matter of fact, money-laundering issue can be tackled with tight monitoring as online money transfer cannot be really done without leaving digital fingerprint. Nevertheless, there is a bigger issue which needs to be addressed before bitcoin can be fully legalized and widely accepted. Bitcoin rates are quite volatile. This is mainly because of the lack of a regulatory oversight which concerns regulatory bodies deeply.

Although it is a relatively new technology, bitcoin is fast and reliable money transfer method. The number of bitcoin casinos is increasing day by day. You can check our Casinos Accepting Bitcoin list. If you prefer a more established payment method, you can also take a look at our Casinos Accepting PayPal list.

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