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    Yu Hanchao is Sacked from Evergrande

    One of the best players of the Guangzhou Evergrande, Yu Hanchao is sacked because of a passer caught him on camera while braking the Chinese laws. He hasn't done anything serious but his contract restricts every tiny offence that is against the Chinese rules. Yu Hanchao was changing the numbers on his license plate, to trick the police officers and cameras. After a short investigation, his club is banned him immediately.

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    2020 Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas Will Take Place in October

    The 2020 Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas will be the biggest gambling ceremony of the year. The Global Gaming Awards has two main annual happenings when they write a new list, one in London and one in Las Vegas. It's the most recognized and prestigious shortlist in the gaming industry. The whole act is running in association with the G2E, the Global Gaming Expo. This year will be the 7th time when the award has organized. Be part of the biggest B2B gathering for the most reputable gaming companies and individuals who are deeply involved in the business.

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    UK Credit Card Ban – How to Gamble Online in the UK after April

    From today, (the 14th of April) the UK credit card ban in online gambling is alive. Most of the online casinos have prepared for that occasion. Still, a lot of bettors in Great Brittan don't really understand what's that exactly means. In our article, we will inform you about what led to this point and how you can still gamble online. First of all, it seems just another pointless regulation from the UK Gambling Commission. However, this is purely for the protection of the costumers. This way online casinos can't check card information, to choose their potential "victims". Also, it helps players to set up an affordable limit.

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    Stephen Chidwick and His Power Play

    Stephen Chidwick leads the list of best European online poker players. His total winnings are more than 34 million dollars. (Even if you are in the business for 12 years it’s not a bad salary.) He got famous because of his particular power plays. This time we will take a look at where he started and what is his current position in the world of poker.

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    Scandinavian Gambling Guide – Online Wagering in the North

    There are different laws and regulations on online wagering in different Nordic countries. That’s why we created our Scandinavian gambling guide to inform you about your options. Unfortunately, most of these countries have completely banned online casinos. However, there are still a couple of ways to try your fortune. Take a closer look at the north together!

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    Britain’s Gambling Authorities Fined Ceasars Entertainment for £13 Millions

    Caesars has gone too far this time. During those hard days, casino providers must be extremely careful to protect costumers. Everyone must follow the rules of responsible gambling. Otherwise, if a casino gets the advantage of someone's weaknesses, the good guys will come in a sec. That's why Britain's gambling authorities fined Ceasars Entertainment for a record amount of $16 million.