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Popular Bets in 2020 – The Rise of Virtual- and Bar-Sports

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In the reflection of the countless event cancelation, online sportsbooks are featuring new topics. We will take a look which is the most popular bets in 2020. We will also take a glimpse at how the world of sports betting reacts to the current situation. Even more, we will make our conclusion about the question: Is it worth the effort to convert your bettors. Since online casinos and sportsbooks are cover a different audience according to the latest statistics.

Anyhow, the lack of sports events and the newer and newer regulations cause huge damage to the online gambling industry. A lot of companies and institutions believe that the world order will be the same in a couple of months and the regular gambling habits will return and the restrictions will disappear. However, even if the problems won’t be here soon, we must prepare that the customer behavior will be changed permanently.

Which are the popular bets in 2020 in the UK?

If you stay tuned with the latest gambling news, you can see that there is a significant change in the market in the past months. The most popular bets in 2020 are tournaments which can be fought from home. The new successes are virtual sports, DFS, eSports and matches witch doesn’t need a team or the audience like table tennis or darts. By the way, at this moment the biggest audience is interested in Fifa matches which are played by the Premier Leauge Footballists.

Thus, sportsbooks are focusing on advertising these activities with promotions and extra markets. Even more, we can see plenty of enhanced odds and free bets which especially created to make eSports betting more popular. Since what’s mostly holds back the video gaming market is that the bettors don’t really know the rules of the games, or which possibilities can earn them a significant income.

Should gambling firms try to convert their customers to play slots and casino games?

It’s a very difficult question. For the first look, it seems the most promising option for operators to keep their revenue. However, these solutions aren’t too popular between the gambling commission and authorities. Also, according to the latest researches, the image of gamblers wasn’t totally correct before. The experts of the gambling industry previously thought that their audience is satisfied by the ventures they offer. But in fact, there is a separate group of online sportsbook and casino users. The individuals who previously were betting on their favorite teams are not interested in online slots machines, they will bet on Fifa or don’t bet at all instead.

Still, even if you couldn’t change your costumers, the numerous promotions and bonuses caused a slight increase in the interest. After the financial experiences of the previous month, the best solution is to promote the popular bets in 2020 which are eSports and other activities which don’t need companionship.

popular bets in 2020

How will sports betting recover from this?

How each operator reacts to the absence of sports events?

Next to the converting, most of the gambling firms have a unique strategy to keep sports betting alive in those difficult days. However, a couple of movements forced the companies to work together. The cooperation’s biggest achievement is that they could make the Premier League player to play Fifa tournaments from the safety of their apartments. Also, they helped to organize the Home Tour Darts where professional darts players are competing from their homes while they are broadcasting their sets. Modern problems require modern solutions. By the way, if you are looking for especially for table tennis, esports, or darts, or you just want to know which activity your favorite online sportsbook highlights, here is a directory:

  • Sky Betting – DFS, Virtual Sports, Esports
  • William Hill – Darts, converting customers to table games and slots
  • 888 Holdings – DFS, Virtual Sports
  • GVC Holdings – Fifa Tournaments, DFS
  • Bet365 – Table tennis, Darts, Esports
  • DraftKings (US) – DFS, Virtual Sports
  • Unibet – Converting customers, Esports
  • Intertops – Table games, online poker,
  • 1xBET – Virtual sports, table tennis, darts

Will these wagers will be popular bets in the future as well?

We made a conclusion, based on the comments of the bettors. DFS, virtual sports, and Fifa tournaments are more likely a temporary way of killing time. When real football and tennis and other sports events will return, these bets won’t be as popular as at this moment. The future of table tennis is probably the same. However,  betting on darts has a real tradition in the UK, just like the wagering on any other bar-activities. The current situation can cause the renaissance of Darts Bets. Anyhow, we can expect that it will keep it’s increased popularity.

By the way, the future of Esports is clear, since the Esports industry is bigger and bigger year by year. Thus, gambling on it also has exponentially growing popularity. What kept the customers from betting on Esports was that they didn’t know the rules and the power relations. However, the latest promotions and bonuses on the topic highly boosted its recognition. If you would like to learn more about the state of Esports betting in 2020 check out our latest article about it.

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