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What is the Best RTP Rate for Operators? – Gambling on the Other Side of the Coin

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It’s always an important decision for casino operators to set up the mathematics of their machines. Finding the perfect RTP rate is even more important for them than the gamblers since these rates will define their income. The best RTP rate for online slot machines is around 98%. However, building out the perfect system to make numerous revenue for your company and a good time for your costumers is a way more difficult challenge.

What is RTP exactly? Barely, it’s an acronym for Return to Player. Thus, the RTP rate is a percentage value that describes which part of the spent money goes back to the customer. If the RTP Rate is high that means the player will receive prizes in a higher percentage. If the RTP rate is low, that means the opposite. However, not the highest RTP Rate is the best one. Since a lower RTP means bigger prizes. A great example of a low RTP is the lottery. To be aware of the regulation and changes in Return to Player rates, stay tuned with the latest gambling news.

Which game do gamblers choose? Mostly the highest RTPs. Thus, for the casino operators, it’s essential to find a balanced rate to make a neat income while keeping their costumers entertained.

Which is the Best RTP rate on the market for gamblers?

To set the RTP rate in landbased casinos is art, there are way more factors that the operators must inspect before they choose their rates. Online casinos are different. On the virtual platforms, operators must set an RTP rate for each game, make the costumers possible to choose from them. Probably, a good looking low RTP slot will be the same popular as a minimalist high one. Anyways, professional gamblers are always going for the best RTP rates. You can play anything, but you should always choose a percentage above 98%. There are a few online slots on the market which have this attribute. For example; Mega Joker has a 99% RTP Rate, Chess Mate has 98.7% and Monopoly on the Money returns 98.1% of the spent money for the people.

best rtp rate

Roulette’s RTP rate is around 94.7%

How to set the best RTP rate? – Flexibility is the key

Based on the reviews of the expert and experienced casino operators there isn’t a magnificent percentage which is the best RTP rate. Instead, the variety of different rates will make your online casino work.

While you can’t set up the RTP rates of the classic games like Roulette and BlackJack, you can play with the RNG in the online slots to set up your values. Thus, next to the essential options, if you give your customers the option to choose from different schedules, they will find their own preferences. Some people are only interested in huge prizes while others just want to make some extra from spinning the wheels. Also, offering special games with extremely high RTP rates (even over 100%) to losing guests will highly increase their mood to continue the game.

In summary, the chase of the best RTP rate is pointless. What is more important to find a balance by building out a system that can satisfy every preference. Anyhow, higher RTP rates mean higher risk for the casino operators even if we talk about a land-based institution or an online firm. 0.1% percent can cost your shirt while setting up low RTPs will keep away returning costumers. By the way, at this moment the biggest trend on the market is a percentage between 96% and 98%. Over the big lotteries of course, since their RTP rate is around 90%.

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