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UK Credit Card Ban – How to Gamble Online in the UK after April


From today, (the 14th of April) the UK credit card ban on online gambling is alive. Most of the online casinos have prepared for that occasion. Still, a lot of bettors in Great Brittan don’t really understand what’s that exactly means. In our article, we will inform you about what led to this point and how you can still gamble online. First of all, it seems just another pointless regulation from the UK Gambling Commission. However, this is purely for the protection of the costumers. This way online casinos can’t check card information, to choose their potential “victims”. Also, it helps players to set up an affordable limit.

From the view of the ‘Commission, that step will be a new milestone on the path to a safer system. Step by step they want to create a system where every adult citizen can safely play. Also, the protection of gambling addicts in virtual spaces has never been as important as nowadays.

What led to the UK Credit Card Ban

More institutions have publicized in January that the UK Credit Card Ban is coming in April. The Gambling Commission and the DCMS determined the mentioned regulation. Nothing could stop them to protect their citizens. That means from now, online payments at online gambling sites will be unavailable with credit or debit cards. Even more, the rule extends to any online payment methods (especially e-wallets) which support card usage.

The behavior that led to this point was the abuse with credit card data and to protect people who do not really understand how online payments work. This way a wrong click can lead to a great loss.

Based on the latest statistics, there are more than 10 million people in the UK who use some kind of online wagering. Even more, the number of bettors is growing day by day. Therefore, the responsibilities of the commission are wider and wider.

From that 10.000.000, around 800.000 people use credit cards to play online. That’s already way smaller than any other countries rate. By the way, based on the global statistics, out of the costumers who don’t use a credit card for gambling are way less likely to have a problematic gambling behavior. Even more, if a gambling addict uses his card instead of other alternative methods, he is more easily bet with the money that’s shouldn’t be flittered.

The Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur, also made a statement today about his visions:

“This credit card ban will further protect consumers from financial harm and from today, nobody in Great Britain can use a credit card to gamble. It is a ban which ultimately reduces the risks of harm to consumers from gambling with money they do not have…”

He also reflected on the current international situation:

“The ban also comes at a vital time as we are seeing an increase in the use of some online products, such as online slots and virtual sports, and our online search analysis shows an increase in UK consumer interest in gambling products since the lockdown began. This highlights just how important it is for gambling operators to keep people safe and the credit card ban will help that…”

And, when he was asked about is he living the regulations as success or just a part of the bigger picture, he said:

“This is another milestone and we will continue to looking for ways to make gambling safer.”

Therefore, since online gambling is more and more popular day by day because of the quickly changing betting habits, we can count on further changes in the UK laws according to the latest gambling news.

How to gamble online after the ban?

E-wallets are already had a wide popularity in Great Britan. This way, you can reorganize your balance. You can upload as much as you want in your wallet, but you can’t exceed your limit, even if your instincts force you to spin another time.

UK Credit Card Ban

You can easily set up an e-wallet – Image source: Flickr

The UK Gambling Commission also favor this method. Of course, who doesn’t realizes he has problems probably just live these restrictions as another “problem” that they have to solve. However, most of the gambling addicts will have another safety net that they can set up for themselves.

The registration of an e-wallet is even easier than on online gambling sites. Therefore, choose from the most popular wallet procedures, make your registration and you can deposit just like before.  Just imagine your e-wallet as your real one. If you have 1000 pounds home, you won’t bring all of your money to a casino… Take out as much you don’t afraid to lose and leave the rest where it’s belong. Gambling can be rewarding but only if you do it a responsible way.

In conclusion, even if the UK Gambling Commission and the DCMS were pretty strict about the question of the UK credit card ban, they made a diplomatic regulation that can provide a safer and fairer payment method for all the British bettors.

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