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    Bank Australia Banned Gambling Transactions Via Their Credit Card

    After long consideration, Bank Australia banned gambling transactions that going through their system. The firm told their customers that from December of this year credit cards can't be used for any gambling-related cashflow. Let's take a closer look together what are the reasons behind this decision and how to gamble online in Australia from 2021.

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    UK Credit Card Ban – How to Gamble Online in the UK after April

    From today, (the 14th of April) the UK credit card ban in online gambling is alive. Most of the online casinos have prepared for that occasion. Still, a lot of bettors in Great Brittan don't really understand what's that exactly means. In our article, we will inform you about what led to this point and how you can still gamble online. First of all, it seems just another pointless regulation from the UK Gambling Commission. However, this is purely for the protection of the costumers. This way online casinos can't check card information, to choose their potential "victims". Also, it helps players to set up an affordable limit.